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New boiler - being asked for 50% up front

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WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Wed 16-Nov-16 21:29:04

Our ancient boiler has packed up, so we are getting estimates for replacement. Two so far, from independent Gas Safe engineers, both have stated that 50% is required as an upfront payment. Is this normal or reasonable?

BananaPie Wed 16-Nov-16 22:26:24

Well it probably allows them to buy the boiler!

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Wed 16-Nov-16 22:30:06

That's what I wondered, but a friend who is also a Gas Safe heating engineer (but lives 100s of miles away so can't do it) says he never asks for money upfront.

Scrumptiousbears Wed 16-Nov-16 22:41:37

Let's face it if they buy it and fit it and then you fail to pay the plumber is in deep shit. Some trades people I have used have asked for some money in advance for materials. Not all of them have or wants accounts.

everdene Wed 16-Nov-16 22:43:54

I paid 50% upfront for a new boiler and central heating system... it nearly crippled me!!

user1479335914 Wed 16-Nov-16 22:52:01

New boiler - I need a new boiler, but how much disruption does it cause in the house? Am dreading it if the engineer has to go everywhere, not just the kitchen where it will be installed. Do they have to go in airing cupboard, for example, or check radiators in all the rooms. Hope no floors have to come up. Would be so glad if someone could tell me what is involved. Thanks.

SpeckledyBanana Wed 16-Nov-16 23:05:44

We recently had a new boiler. Our independent gasman took payment on completion.

SpeckledyBanana Wed 16-Nov-16 23:06:44

User, what sort of boiler do you have now, and whatsort do you want?

Meadows76 Wed 16-Nov-16 23:11:25

I used British gas. Payment on completion

celtiethree Wed 16-Nov-16 23:32:24

I also used British Gas, payment on completion

Namechangingbastard Wed 16-Nov-16 23:36:25

My dh is a gas engineer he asks for money upfront for the boiler, or tells the customer they can buy their own if preferable. we've been stung in the past and nearly lost our home after a huge job was left unpaid. He also charges about half the price of British gas, as do most independent engineers round here.

LovingLola Wed 16-Nov-16 23:37:55

We replaced our boiler about 4 years ago. Paid about 50% upfront to allow them to buy the boiler. Paid remainder on completion.

Sgtmajormummy Wed 16-Nov-16 23:38:11

If it's a long project, I've been asked to pay 40% upfront, 40% at an agreed mid point and 20% at closure.

If ordering something made to measure like a kitchen it's been 30+70 on installation. We got our last boiler 8 years ago on similar terms from a large local installer. We paid by 2 separate registered bank transfers to get 55% tax rebates over 5 years and were happy to pay a little more for that rather than a "cash in hand" job.

Don't British Gas offer boiler installation that you can pay off on your regular bill? I'd go with that if the down payment is a problem. They would also have info about grants or tax benefits if you switch to a more energy efficient boiler.

To user...14 ours was a simple replacement but we had the system flushed to clean it a week earlier. They also revised our venting system to make it suitable for the condensation model we'd chosen. Two days of disturbance (in February!) and a lot of dust and sludge washed out of the system.

Sgtmajormummy Wed 16-Nov-16 23:50:22

Sorry I should have said "condensing" model.
Thought it didn't look right...

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Thu 17-Nov-16 07:08:32

It's not a problem, we had budgetted for replacement as our previous engineer (now retired) has been saying for a few years that we were on borrowed time with the old boiler. It's just the comment from the other engineer friend made me wonder.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Thu 17-Nov-16 07:52:53

Also, when we had the hot tank replaced a while back we didn't pay anything up front but the engineer had been doing our servicing for years whereas now we are new customers to everyone, so I understand them not wanting to take the risk, it's frustrating that the boiler waited for him to retire before packing up!

Hoppinggreen Thu 17-Nov-16 08:01:18

We had a new boiler last week. We paid a couple of days after it was finished. The disruption was minimal and they removed the immersion heater and went in the loft to remove the water tank too.
I would expect a decent plumber to have an account at the merchants so wouldn't be out of pocket. I wouldn't have been happy to pay 50% upfront

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