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Have to get new bathroom...what shall I buy

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alltheworld Tue 15-Nov-16 19:58:58

I needto keep costs down. I really want a Bette it wise to get a cheap sink and toilet as presume these will be easier than a bath to upgrade later.
As I will have a lodger on the same floor I have been toying however with an aqua blade toilet for the superior clean and quiet flush. Is it worth it? It costs nearly 300 while screw fix have got a bog standard one for 45 quid.
What taps, shower brands are good value but also good quality?
People keep talking about Victoria plum, any other recommendations for suppliers.
Thank you!

MyNameIsCleo Tue 15-Nov-16 23:24:09

I have a Bette bath and a pull out shower hose that I'm glad I spent a bit more on. Toilet and sink are standard, toilets I think much of a muchness and sink it's about how you want it to look.

We looked in B&Q, Homebase, Victoria Plum, VictorIAN Plumb (different!) and ended up finding a couple of great local bathroom places and going with one of them.

They were cheapest, had things in stock to look at and expertly helpful with getting hold drilled in bath, extras that we needed for that bit but wouldn't have known about, and when we had a problem with the sink after installation.

So worth a look for a smaller bathroom place.

Squidgems Wed 16-Nov-16 23:05:02

I originally wanted a Bette bath but got a Kaldewei Saniform Plus bath (and leg set which was priced separately) from Plumb Centre. The price was good compared to other on line retailers.

I got a Cersanit Facile toilet and a phase basin from Homebase when they had their big sales. They have changed their pricing policy to give better prices all year round. That's when I got A Bristan mono basin tap. I got a matching bath filler from.Amazon though as it was much cheaper.

The key to it all is to check the dimensions of everything and to see them snd try them out in store if possible (especially sitting on the loo and laying in the bath) and then find the best price wherever that is.

You gdo feel a little silly sitting on the loo in a shop, but I'm glad I did as I changed my mind on some products as a result.

There is a great bathroom lesson learned thread on here. Do a search for it as it is full of good advice including getting a white towel warmer (which I did) rather than chrome as they give off much more heat.

sonsmum Thu 17-Nov-16 16:58:03

Do not get anything from the bathroom store. It is cheap manufactured rubbish, that does not react well when in contact with water! Very disappointed with their products.

alltheworld Thu 17-Nov-16 23:09:43

Thanks for all the good tips!

TheMightyMing Thu 17-Nov-16 23:21:05

Better bathrooms utter rubbish, had a couple of bathroom cabinets from them, both broken within days, the mirror had degraded before first use!

They were cheap so there endeth the lesson.

We bought our down stairs suite from a local supplier who price matched b and q superb service and the china has a life time guarantee. It's all been absolutely brilliant. We had some very minor issues which were resolved cheerfully and quickly. Clifton bathrooms- we live in the north west.

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