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Bathroom fitter - tiling query

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Squidgems Tue 15-Nov-16 11:57:45

I've got a couple of Polish guys in doing the bathroom. The main guy doesn't speak English so the other one translates. Just checked what they are doing and found they are using straight edge white corner trim with my llight grey marble effect ceramic tiles. Said everyone is using straight edge not rounded. Also said straigt edge only comes in white or metal effect. But at pints the tile trim stands proud of the tile. When grouted there will be a raised ridge.

Also tiles on windowsill doesnt line up with tile son wall underneath. The tiles on the windowsill are not even symmetrical across the windowsill.

I can tell the main guy is not happy with me and is reluctantly taking off the windowsill tiles.

They also dot and dabbed the tiles onto one plastered wall. They said they would use the normal method on the two wall that are plasterboarded but noticed that one of the tiles was dot and dabbed. They said that that they have to do different things according to how level the wall is.

I feel as if they are nt doing things right. They say they usually work off architect's plans but surely they should ask. I know I should have been clearer but I thought they were the experts!

Im worried now that I've complained. What should I do?

MyNameIsCleo Tue 15-Nov-16 12:09:01

It's important they get it how you would like it (within reason!) as you are paying them for a service. Also has the potential to annoy you forever if it looks wrong.

Where are they up to now? Are the tiles on? Grout?

Squidgems Tue 15-Nov-16 12:35:05

Hi MyNameisCleo. That's the thing. Most osf the tiles are on now. They started tiling one wall, plastered the ceiling and then started tiling again today after taking out the toilet. I havent seen them laying the tiles on so don't know what's behind.

I feel as if I'm telling them ghow to do their job but I want it to look right.

The edging is spoiling the tiles but to them its okay.

MyNameIsCleo Tue 15-Nov-16 13:33:05

It doesn't sound like an obvious order to do things, but I'm very much a DIYer not an expert.

Anyway, I think if you are polite it is perfectly reasonable to say you aren't happy. They can remove them if required and it will be easier now than later.

I would be less worried about the method as if they are seem fairly well stuck down to me it's likely it doesn't matter which method they used.

If you aren't happy with the tile trim ask what the other options are. Doesn't matter if "most people" are having one thing, ask for all the options and have what you want. Again I would want tiles to line up (you mentioned under the window?) and this was a key thing my tiler made sure was right.

I would go in and be firm but polite about what you would like it to look like, and then confirm with them the changes to be made. Keep talking to them until you are happy they know what you want (less about the language barrier, more just about being clear and them understanding, have had this problem before where what is in my mind hasn't translated into their view of it).

Hope that helps.

MyNameIsCleo Tue 15-Nov-16 13:34:01

They are experts in getting the tiles on and flat.

You are the expert in what you want it to look like!

MyNameIsCleo Tue 15-Nov-16 13:40:49

If they are on and dry (the ones that were done the other day before they plastered the ceiling) they may be hard to get off.

I guess with that it's about compromise about if they take them off they will break etc, can they just get the ones off to change the edging? A bit of compromise may be required, but still they should be trying as much as possible to get it to how you would like.

They should have asked which edging etc you would like first though IMO...

Sorry couple of long winded posts there!

goinglocomoto Tue 15-Nov-16 14:16:51

Ex-tiler here. This makes my blood boil…lining up windowsills and making trim flush is tiling 101! Here are my thoughts:

1. Trim: They need to pick up some deeper trim, take off the cuts, scrape, and redo. I actually prefer straight edge trim, but if the colour doesn’t go with your tiles, it might be worth you getting it yourself (take along tile as example and the reject trim to compare). Allow an extra 3-5 mms for adhesive.

2. Dot and dabbing: They are right that sometimes you need to pack up the tiles when the wall isn’t level, but I would only do this after putting adhesive on the wall first as well. It is essential that adhesive touches the whole tile surface, otherwise there will be hollow bits and the tile is likely to crack or fall off in the future . To check whether the tiles are ‘blown’, tap on each tile lightly with the back of a hammer - you will notice a different sound for the hollow ones. The blown tiles have to be replaced.

3. Re. MyNameisCleo’s comment about scraping off dry adhesive - adhesive should be quite easy to scrape off for the first few days after laying.

Good luck - really feel your pain on this one and can imagine how awkward you feel. But be strong and don't be embarrassed - they know their work is shoddy and just hopped that you'd be a mug. Keep us posted on what happens.

MyNameIsCleo Tue 15-Nov-16 14:21:15

Oh good - really glad someone with some expert knowledge came along! Only so much saying what I would do that can help smile

goinglocomoto Tue 15-Nov-16 14:34:25

One more thing - check that they have the right colour grout!

goinglocomoto Tue 15-Nov-16 15:24:33

Just thought - the blown test doesn't work when adhesive is still wet.

goinglocomoto Tue 15-Nov-16 18:25:33

Have been mulling this over and had to come back to say that thinking about it, rounded trim does usually look better in bathrooms and the domestic jobs I did always used it. Straight trim is usually for commercial jobs. So my vote goes for rounded after all!

Squidgems Tue 15-Nov-16 19:11:16

Thanks for your thoughts goinglocomoto. I think I'm going to have to live with it. The fitters have left for the day so everything is setting rock hard.

I've had a rotten time with this bathroom renovation. Fitters started end of September but stopped when huge crack in wall found. It cost me £750 to crack stitch that room and one below. So no washing facilities since except for kitchen sink. And now boiler doesn't work after they took out the radiator (not their fault just coincidence).

There's more but won't bore you with the rest of my calamaties over one small bathroom. Just to say that as I'm so jinxed will not do Euromillions tonight!! (As if I had a chance anyway)

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