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Opun builders

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Tone2463 Sun 13-Nov-16 17:14:55

Just a quick question to anyone who's used Opun.
They are building a former roof conversion on my neuigbours property and they're awful.
First we had their scaffold truck parked on our drive, told my wife to fuck off and threatened my teenage son - we had to call the Police to get them to move the vehicle.

Now rainwater is pouring into our house as they've removed OUR roof tiles; they advertise the Mumsnet logo on their paperwork so I assume that they carry out a lot of work via this site?

Had anyone used them and what are your reviews? Mine would be bloody useless and I'm off to the solicitors tomorrow morning - wouldn't mind but it's not my extension!

wooooofudge Sun 13-Nov-16 22:45:03

Do you have legal cover with your home insurance? If so, you can get legal advice via your insurer. Have you spoken to your neighbours about them at all?

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