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Replacing an oven, what type of person do I contact?

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ScaredyCat42 Sun 13-Nov-16 12:37:47

Hello, this is probably going to sound like a daft question but I have a single built in oven and a built in microwave and I want to replace both for a double oven and don't want any ugly gaps left. Do I contact a general maintenance person or do I have to have an electrician? I'm clueless with this kind of thing!smile

shovetheholly Sun 13-Nov-16 14:26:20

It really depends what your set up is. In many kitchens, changing an electric oven for a new electric oven involves nothing more difficult than unplugging the old appliance and plugging the new one in! If that's the case in yours, you may just need someone to knock your cupboards into the right kind of shape??

lalalonglegs Sun 13-Nov-16 15:00:56

If it's a double oven, it needs to be hard-wired into the socket so you'd need an electrician. There's a good chance you'd need a new supply to the oven as well as it may well need a separate switch on the consumer unit and, possibly, a different strength of cable (I'm really hazy about electrics) but I'm afraid it won't be an unwrap and plug in job. On the plus side, a standard single oven and microwave should take up the same space as a double oven so that's relatively straightforward.

ScaredyCat42 Sun 13-Nov-16 17:40:59

Thank you, that's really helpful advice

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