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using water ? based wood treatment on top of spirit based Cuprinol treatment

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gingeroots Sat 12-Nov-16 19:34:28

Have used Cuprinol Shed and Fence Treatment which seems to be spirit/solvent based as says clean brushes in paint cleaner .

I want the finished colour to be very dark green and was thinking I could use something else as a top coat .but all the products in a darker colour seem to be water based eg Ronseal Fence Life ,Cuprinols Ducks Back etc .
Can I use latter products on top of former ?????

PigletJohn Sat 12-Nov-16 21:27:05

yes but you have to let it weather first. This will take a long time. Maybe towards the end of next summer.

It leaves a waxy film on the surface to repel water, so that a water-based treatment will not wet the surface and grip. You can get an idea by throwing a cup of water at the fence and seeing if it forms beads and rolls off.

If you want it to be dark green, you will find that if you use it on weathered wood, it soaks in more. Apply two coats and it will get darker. You have to keep shaking or stirring the can while you use it as the colour seems to sink to the bottom.

I have used it on smooth planed, new timber, and it hardly colours at all. But on absorbent older timber it goes bottle green (and uses more, as it soaks in).

It is rather expensive but contains anti-rot chemicals, which the water-based fence stains don't. IMO it is too expensive to use on a fence but is worthwhile on a shed, especially the bottom 18" or so which are especially prone to damp and rot, and the legs or framing timbers at the bottom.

gingeroots Sat 12-Nov-16 21:47:11

Thank you Piglet John ,I'm really grateful for your advice .

I wonder if all the water based stuff is any good for sheds and fences .

Maybe Ill give up on the idea of dark green .

PigletJohn Sat 12-Nov-16 22:00:16

I think I've used Forest Green.

You need to look out for colour samples on a scrap of wood in the store.

More coats, and weathered wood, comes out darker.

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