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Help! Choosing an off white paint colour for North facing kitchen/diner

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Satsunday Sat 12-Nov-16 19:19:10

I know this has been asked lots by other people on here before but I'm still struggling to decide.

We have a new north facing extension which is a kitchen/lounge/diner. We have mid-dark grey aluminium windows. We want to use Dulux endurance paint so a bit limited on colour but there has got I be a suitable one. Issue is I've tried a few and cannot decide between the different white colours.

- Timeless gets recommended loads but to me it looks like a very pale lemon colour which for some reason I don't like. But it looks like it will go well with the grey windows.
- Jasmine white looks like it has a pale pink tone - not sure it will go with grey.
- Almond white - I love the colour but I can't see cream going with the grey windows? Maybe more of a warm bedroom colour?

I have to decide soon but really don't know what to pick. I think I prefer cream colours but I don't want them to ruin the look of our lovely new windows.

SerenityNow00 Sat 12-Nov-16 20:55:54

We have Dulux white cotton (also an endurance colour) all over our house and it's lovely - depending on the time of day it can go from off-white / ivory to the palest grey, but it's never a cold colour.

origamiwarrior Sat 12-Nov-16 21:45:34

A great Dulux trade colour is Swansdown (I don't know if it is available in Endurance, but it can be made up in Diamond Matt [which my decorator says is better than Endurance anyway])

It is an off-white grey, but with pink/green/brown undertones depending on the light, so you'd need to test it first. We have it in every room in our house, and visitors think each room is painted a different, toning, colour!

origamiwarrior Sat 12-Nov-16 21:47:13

PS. Swansdown looks great with grey!

Satsunday Sat 12-Nov-16 22:27:10

Thanks both I will definitely look at those. Starting to feel a bit stressed about it which is daft as its only paint. Tempted by that Dulux paint consultant service but it's £75 and I'm worried it wouldn't actually help.

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