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When to apply for mortgage after offer accepted

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shalalala Thu 10-Nov-16 15:27:28

Been a long time since we bought a property and can't remember the process!
We have a mortgage agreement in principle and have just had an offer accepted on a property. When should we be applying for the mortgage? Now?

BasinHaircut Thu 10-Nov-16 15:29:26

Yes of course!

You need to get the ball rolling so you can make sure they will lend you the money to buy the house! A mortgage in principle means nothing now as if the house isn't worth what you have offered they would lend it to you!

BasinHaircut Thu 10-Nov-16 15:29:49

*wont lend it to you

seminakedinsomebodyelsesroom Thu 10-Nov-16 15:29:54

Yes! Congratulations on the offer being accepted.

GreenDaisies Thu 10-Nov-16 15:31:31

Immediately! The mortgage company often arranges the survey. Get in contact with them right away.

YelloDraw Thu 10-Nov-16 17:45:16

Yea now now now! Congrats :-)

NotAPuffin Thu 10-Nov-16 17:54:34

Immediately! Get your solicitor on the case as well.

Lilmisskittykat Thu 10-Nov-16 20:28:04

No need for a reply so just thought I'd say congrats! smile

shalalala Sat 12-Nov-16 21:26:17

Thanks all! Have got cracking!

jessplussomeonenew Sat 12-Nov-16 21:59:29

Just one caveat - check that the house you're buying isn't a probate property, particularly one over the inheritance tax threshold, as it can take ages to come through and we had to reapply for our mortgage because the offer expired after 6 months.

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