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Has anyone used the Laura Ashley design service?

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yourphone Mon 07-Nov-16 17:10:14

I've got an odd shaped living room. It has 2 doors that make a thoroughfare through one part, 3 windows of different sizes and a fireplace.
It's furnished with mismatched items and no curtains.
I think it's begging for an expert to advise on curtains and furniture placement and what to put the telly on.
£50 seems a bargain.
Any opinions?

united4ever Tue 08-Nov-16 17:25:51

No, but my wife likes Laura Ashley......think there stuff look s good if you live in an older house like a victorian period building or even an old cottage. We live in a 60's semi.......don't think it looks right for us and think we should stick to more modern.

£50 pound sounds ok but of course it's a chance for them to push their goods so I expect they get customers ordering hundreds of pounds worth of furniture from each visit which is how they make it pay....anything beyond the £50 is up to you.

Kaisha02 Tue 08-Nov-16 20:02:58

Share a room layout diagram here and we can advise if that helps? I love LA. Do you want to furnish your entire room with LA? Do you have a style preference/tendency to lean towards or away from particular colours? I've just renovated a property using a lot of LA so happy to advise.

Allthebestnamesareused Fri 18-Nov-16 13:29:05

I used it in the house we currently live in because the windows in our living room are huge, we had a square bay and separate window in the bedroom that needed roman blinds and also curtains and everywhere else couldn't cope with these styles!

It helps to have had a good look through their book to see what colours, styles you like and I pretty much knew what I wanted. I did it when their sales were on (and if I had ordered online I'd have just got 30% off) but going through the designer got 54% off everything even the curtain poles, filials etc. They can also recommend fitters etc.

I would think it might be overwhelming if you are not already familiar with the styles they have but they can do you a lovely mood board if you do want just ideas and to source similar items elsewhere.

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