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Builders coming to give quotes for kitchen build- what do I need to ask?

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SerialMover Mon 07-Nov-16 14:11:46

Just that really!

I have 3 builders coming this week to give quotes for some building work on an existing extension (knocking down a load-bearing wall), new kitchen put in and possible changes to extension roof i.e new velux windows/roof lantern.

Is there anything I could/should be asking the builders before I commit to one in particular? A 'checklist' of sorts? My mind is spinning with our recent house move and everything that's gone with it that I'm worried I'll forget something obvious!


supadupapupascupa Mon 07-Nov-16 14:17:31

ask them to make a list of what they are quoting for as well as offering a price. You cant compare them if they all make different assumptions and you dont know what they are.

you need references, real people to talk to.

when can they start, how long will it take.

how are payments made? dont pay upfront!

MrsLazybones Mon 07-Nov-16 14:35:33

Make a list of what you want included. eg fitting of cupboards - what will you source and what would you like them to get? Will you buy sinks, taps What hours will they work? Will they do a fixed price for the job rather than a day rate? (that's what you want as then if they run over it doesn't cost you any extra)

SerialMover Mon 07-Nov-16 15:57:35

These are great, thank you- am compiling a list!

FlamingoSnuffle Mon 07-Nov-16 16:55:54

What insurance cover they have.

Also don't assume stuff is covered. I got shafted by my joiner who turned the archway into my existing utility into a door, and apparently that only included the door and door lining and not the architrave. Arsehole.

Like I would pay a joiner to create a half finished door in my brand new kitchen extension. hmm

We sourced a lot of stuff ourselves, but the builder was happy to let us have free reign over decisions. I have previously had a builder who just made the decision instead of asking me. I was in the next room angry

So you need to decide are you happy for them to source or you.

We already had some very firm ideas and I wanted a builder who was ok with that. My kitchen extension was 3 years ago, the builder was amazing, it was very stress free and came in on budget and on time.

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