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Shutters for bay windows - does anyone have any advice?

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GourmetChild Sun 06-Nov-16 15:49:06

We're looking at getting shutters fitted to two Edwardian bay windows at the front of our house, but not sure where to start, there are so many companies out there!

Does anyone have any recommendations of who to go with or who to avoid?

We're thinking of going for full, split tiered shutters rather than slatted, and thinking just white to go with the white painted timber frames.

Want to get them fitted asap as can't face another winter without some extra insulation on the windows. We're also hoping they'll act a a blackout on our east facing bedroom bay.

All thoughts and experience welcome, as it's a lot of money to spend if we choose the wrong thing or go with a rubbish company!

7to25 Sun 06-Nov-16 15:53:05

I am not sure you are getting the right thing.
I would have thought that blackout blinds plus interlined curtains would be better.

wooooofudge Sun 06-Nov-16 18:54:45

Secondary glazing is probably a better solution.

Leatherboundanddown Mon 07-Nov-16 16:58:16

Appeal are good

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