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Moving an internal doorway- have you?

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Draylon Thu 03-Nov-16 16:46:34

We have a 20 year old 'estate' house with some 'lay-out' issues.

I am wondering about the practicalities of moving a doorway 3 or 4 feet, which doesn't sound like much but will improve the flow of the room no end.

Basically it will allow the 2 sofas to face the open fireplace (with wood burning stove) in an L shape; whereas currently, you enter the room between the 2 sofas with the fireplace directly in front of you.

Has anyone done this? What were the pitfalls? What was the cost?


NattyTile Thu 03-Nov-16 16:50:42

We have a few times. Only on non load bearing walls though; costs weren't huge and just took a couple of days - slice new hole, fix old hole, rehang door and make good.

Draylon Thu 03-Nov-16 16:52:38

Obviously a builder will be able to tell me, but how do you know if a wall is load bearing?

Motherwithflaws Thu 03-Nov-16 17:01:06

What's above the wall? If the middle of your bedroom is above the wall, then it's not load bearing. If there's a wall in exactly the same place, it's probably load bearing.

Draylon Thu 03-Nov-16 17:19:52

Yes, the wall goes all the way up to the roof, so it probably is load bearing. I assume builders put- is it RSJ's- in to support the load?

JoJoSM2 Thu 03-Nov-16 17:32:51

We've moved a door by about 50cm in a load bearing wall smile The structural engineer did the calcs and the builder did the job. An inspector came along to check things although I'm not sure if he was interested in that particular doorway as we did 2 new openings at the same time too.

Draylon Thu 03-Nov-16 21:15:58

Could I ask what it cost, please?

JoJoSM2 Thu 03-Nov-16 23:04:46

Difficult to tell as we moved that doorway + did 2openings, one of which was very large. I think the engineer was 1k and the builders 3k all in. I would hope to come in at under 1k for just moving one door.

woodstack Fri 04-Nov-16 08:42:34

We have done just what you describe. Having the sofas in an L shape has made a massive difference to the room. Honestly, I can't actually believe how much better it looks. The door to the room is now next to the front door which now gives us extra circulation space as you come in and out. Bonus.

Draylon Fri 04-Nov-16 14:01:32

Thanks. What I'm hoping to achieve is to sort of move all the furniture in the room so that they focus on the fireplace. The TV's adjacent, but on a hinged bracket so you could effectively sit facing the woodburner, and avert your gaze 10 degrees to watch telly!

Currently the door I want to move opens right into the space where I want the 2 corners of the 2 sofas to meet.

MauiChristmas Fri 04-Nov-16 14:04:16

I did this, forgot to get building or planning control sign off afterwards - caused me issues when I tried to sell and our purchasers asked for evidence Id got correct permissions to move a door. Suggest you check the rules.... I can't remember what I didn't do but it was a pain (sigh).

ShortLass Fri 04-Nov-16 14:48:29

Moving a door is part of the project I am about to engage in. An architect I chatted to said it wasn't an issue (ie, suggested is easy).

A man is coming round to measure tomorrow. Still need to get builder to quote, but it will be bound up with other building work being done, so will be difficult to price on its own.

Hope that helps a little.

washingsomuchwashing Fri 04-Nov-16 16:04:31

We did this - very pleased with the result. Involved RSJs and A LOT of mess, but totally worth it.

Draylon Fri 02-Dec-16 14:05:51

Well, am in the process of persuading DH.

He doesn't like change at all, and oddly seems to always think whatever 'the previous people did' was fine, be it garden design, position and size of the garden shed, location of light switches, colour scheme etc.

He's I'd say 98% delighted with the changes I impose in the end, so this is just a dance we have to go through before I act.

He gets caught up in 'where will the second hand, £25, knocked about PC desk go?' As opposed to thinking 'Actually, we could get a new PC desk purpose made!'. He says 'but if we move the PC, you'll have a phone cable draped across the floor (as currently the PC sits in the corner where the telephone point enters the room). The concept that we could move the entrance point seems to be a thought too far!

We are not loaded but I don't work every 3rd weekend for overtime for nothing!

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