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large shed advice - how big to go, planning permission, how much to expect to pay?

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VelvetSpoon Tue 01-Nov-16 19:42:54

Have a raised area at the end of my garden which is about 30ft wide by 15ft deep. There was a small dilapidated shed approx 10 x 6 down there which I've had removed, I'd like to replace it with a bigger, more substantial thinking around 20 x 10, as I'd like to use part of it as a shed proper to store garden tools etc in, and the other part as a games room/ gym for my DC, somewhere to put their pool table and weights.

Am I likely to need planning permission for something that size? How much should I expect to pay? (looking online has come up with anything from £1500 to £10000!) and being realistic is it a good use of money? (I'm planning on moving house in 3-5 years, will I see any benefit from this spend?)

VelvetSpoon Wed 02-Nov-16 17:16:57


VitaPuffin Wed 02-Nov-16 18:21:53

Probably wouldn't need planning permission, but might do depending on various factors.

If you want it to be a proper insulated garden studio type of structure (rather than a glorified shed) then you're looking at £1000+ per square metre. I don't know whether that would add enough value to your property to justify the cost. We are planning to put one of these in ourselves soon but we don't intend to sell in the foreseeable future so that's not something I've considered. Hope you get some more replies smile

smilingmind Wed 02-Nov-16 18:57:45

I got a log cabin from this place and went for the top specs of wood thickness, insulation and double glazing as I want to use it all year round as an art studio. It's amazing.
All in with paint to get it came to about £2,500.
Probably not as big as you will want but you can calculate on the website what you want and it gives you a price.
We didn't get it constructed. DH put paving stones for it to stand on and then 2 DSs and SIL came to help him and they built it in a day. Really easy as everything slotted together easily. Much easier than IKEA furniture.
I've put a solid oil radiator on the wall for heating in the winter.

smilingmind Wed 02-Nov-16 19:04:02

paint to paint it.

This was probably about mid range price. There were others cheaper but it wasn't possible to see the log cabins and I didn't want to pay that much without seeing it.
It is possible to get a side extension with its own door, lower spec if you like so cheaper, if you want to separate the games room from the shed.
Not sure if they had them where I got mine but have seen them somewhere. Just google log cabin extension.

smilingmind Wed 02-Nov-16 19:07:41

I could actually live in mine it's so pretty and cosy.
As regards planning permission you don't need it if it's under 2.5m.
All the companies know that so that's the size they make them.

smilingmind Wed 02-Nov-16 19:15:05

Bought mine last year. Double check with the company you get it from about planning permission but unless it's too high should be OK.
Not sure if it would add to the value of the house. Certainly we saw houses with them and estate agents used them as a selling point. Probably best to ask one.
Not something I was bothered about as we're not planning to move anytime soon and I really needed it.

jellyshoeswithdiamonds Thu 03-Nov-16 21:03:04

When we were looking to get a big shed found they felt flimsy.

In the end we went for a wooden stable block. Had a normal door put on instead of traditional stable door and two windows put in. Its 14ft x 12ft.

Mine isn't insulated, its used for storage atm. Although in the future I'd like to transform it ala Amazing Spaces. Most important thing is to protect it with an oil based preservative once a year, huge chore but essential.

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