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Unexpected noise issues

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jpmit Tue 01-Nov-16 17:46:57


My partner and I recently bought a flat in London (first time buyers) which completed last week.

Everything about the flat is good but I didn't realise before moving in the reasonably significant traffic noise coming from the busy road nearby. When looking round the flat I didn't notice this, probably because we were speaking about how nice the flat was inside, and because the flat itself is not on a busy road (the road is about 25 metres away). It's an A road so busy pretty much 24/7. The noise is pretty much of a constant low level 'whooshing' type. My partner says she doesn't notice the noise at all and that it really isn't bad at all. We moved from a street that I realise now was exceptionally quiet for London, which is perhaps exacerbating the issue. I've lived in flats previously when I was a student with probably similar noise levels, though that was some time ago now.

At the moment I feel very low as I feel I've made a huge mistake. I feel like a bit of an idiot. I just wish we had bought somewhere on a quiet street, or even just another 50 metres up the road (it's a new build and there are many similar properties in the area). I'm anxious even thinking about going back to the flat after work. We had planned to live in the flat for 3 to 5 years before moving out of London, but at the moment I don't think I want to stay there for 3 more weeks. I just want to get rid of it and start over again asap, though the financial costs of selling straight away are significant. Am I being over dramatic or should I just cut my losses and get out straight away? At the moment I feel I can't live in the flat, but will I get more used to the noise? I could try to rent the flat rather than selling, the rental income (after tax) won't cover the expenses but I could probably afford to subsidise it for a while and rent somewhere else. Of course my partner is involved in all of this and she is very happy with the flat, making things a bit awkward.

SpotTheDuck Tue 01-Nov-16 17:57:40

Honestly you'll get used to the noise surprisingly quickly. We moved into a flat on a very busy road, hated it for a week, then never noticed it again. The constant wooshing noise is pretty easy to block out, it's like white noise. Actually when we moved somewhere quieter my DH found it hard to sleep as he'd got so used to it.

So don't worry for now, and give it a while!

Watto1 Tue 01-Nov-16 18:02:00

Agree with Spot. We moved from a quiet cul-de-sac to a busy main road. After a few nights I honestly didn't notice it. In fact, I now struggle to sleep without the traffic noise!

FishyWishies Tue 01-Nov-16 18:39:19

The first night in my last house was horrific, I lay there all night thinking "What have I done?" The noise!!!!!

It turned out to be our happiest home ever and we stayed 12 years.

It's like being buried alive where we are now, the odd person walks past, I hate it.

Lilmisskittykat Tue 01-Nov-16 22:43:16

Was going to post what others have said. I live in main road direct into street don't notice the Boise... Except right now as I type. You just will phase it out after a little while I promise

Lilmisskittykat Tue 01-Nov-16 22:43:38

Clearly that was noise not Boise

FlamingoSnuffle Wed 02-Nov-16 06:36:05

We feel like this when we visit friends in London who live under the Heathrow flight path. At first we are aware of every plane that flies over, but after a day we don't notice it until a child points and says plane.

You are fixating on it now but you have to talk to yourself and tell yourself it won't matter soon.

I think every parent out there has learnt to tune out the annoying music that some toys come with that their child plays with incessantly. grin

insancerre Wed 02-Nov-16 06:40:46

You will get used to the noise
Have you considered secondary double glazing?
I once lived on an RAF base with loud fighter jets flying day and night. I soon got used to it

jpmit Wed 02-Nov-16 09:59:30

Thanks everyone. I feel a bit better about the whole thing. Still think I'd prefer to live on a quiet street, but I guess it isn't the end of the world and hopefully I'll adjust to the noise quickly.

TimTamTerror Wed 02-Nov-16 10:08:20

You can get used to almost any noise IME. We bought a flat by the Thames and the first time a party boat went by in the small hours and jolted me awake I thought we'd made a terrible mistake. But within a couple of months I had learned to sleep through it. We lived in that flat for 10 years and it was a wrench to leave it and now I can sleep through just about anything.

Seeline Wed 02-Nov-16 10:12:16

You will get used to it very quickly. We live on a busy road with a railway at the back - literally at the end of our garden. Within days of moving in I just didn't notice it anymore.
Now I tend to notice if there is a problem on the line and the trains aren't running (quite useful as DH commutes!)

ElsieMc Wed 02-Nov-16 14:19:19

My dd has bought a newbuild near a huge supermarket and furniture superstore but a bit back from the front with a railway line and loading area out the back. She says it is much quieter than her previous residential street with the added advantage of no houses out the back from her due to the railway. She says that she now finds the train noise comforting.

There is a huge amount of newbuild in our town and it is the only site amongst many that is a sell out with a waiting list.

phoria Wed 02-Nov-16 21:42:35

Hi OP, I just moved into a flat and realised it was a lot noisier than I thought. Plus there were a few issues that I didn't notice on my other viewings. Like you I felt like a complete idiot, have felt very low about it and have thought about selling up despite the considerable costs. I guess it's just buyer's remorse but knowing that doesn't make it easier. I wish I had something more comforting to say. I'm still not sure what to do with mine!

JoJoSM2 Wed 02-Nov-16 22:35:41

You sound so desperate that it makes me think you're under stress about the move, buying a place or perhaps making this commitment with your gf etc Something along those lines rather than really being that bothered by the street round the corner...

jpmit Thu 03-Nov-16 16:09:39

ok you might be partially right JoJoSM2

Fennwalker Thu 03-Nov-16 17:43:47

OP - There were so many things I didn't realise about our house before we moved in. When we did I thought I hated it for a while, also was desperate to move again.

As previous posters have said, you do get used to things so easily. There are things I have to think about very hard to remember that I hated!

But I know that feeling and really hope you start to enjoy it soon. Congratulations on your new home, honestly you will get there!

Fennwalker Thu 03-Nov-16 17:45:48

Honestly I also felt buyers remorse, huge mistake. Making it mine has helped, try to change some things that you would like to that are changeable.

Fennwalker Thu 03-Nov-16 17:46:38

Should say - I'm at the point of liking it a lot now and realising it's considerable benefits, and I'm confident I will one day be sad to leave!

Bluntness100 Thu 03-Nov-16 17:52:23

I've lived next to a busy A road, like it went right past the house, a good few years ago, and I can promise you you just stop hearing it. You really do,

TheEmmaDilemma Thu 03-Nov-16 17:56:02

You could also try a white noise at bed time etc.

I knew when I bought my house I was on the edge of a busy street. I never really noticed it, but my DP did when he moved in. He's got used to it now. It just takes some time.

What are the other concerns that are likely influencing how you feel?

Artistic Thu 03-Nov-16 18:03:45

I am very noise sensitive & failed to notice an elevated road at the bottom of our garden when we were buying our first (and long term) home. Felt totally foolish, and had the same thoughts as you. But 2 years on it doesn't matter & we're used to it. I do notice the silence in other people's garden though. High on my list for my next house but not too bothered for now.

FlouncingInAWinterWonderland Thu 03-Nov-16 18:15:53

There are lots of things you can try to improve noise issues. Ear plugs for now in bed - if you're tired, and no doubt you are after the stress of moving etc, things appear far worse.

Heavy multi-lined curtains over windows, secondary glazing over your current glazing.

MiniMum97 Thu 03-Nov-16 18:32:58

I had almost exactly the same issue with my current house. I cannot bear that white noise traffic sound and when looking at houses was careful to listen for that noise. The street we eventually bought in we looked at numerous houses over a period of months, never any noise. Night we moved in....could hear the noise from the local motorway! Gutted!

Have to say though, I have NOT got used to it 4 years later and it's become a bit of an obsession. The noise has also got much worse in the last few months which we think is down to someone illegally felling a load of tress between us and the motorway. It used to be intermittent but us now all the time and can be heard in the house. Drives me MENTAL!

My partner doesn't notice it and is not bothered! However it's making me so miserable and stressed he has agreed we can sell up so we are looking to tart it up and move somewhere quieter.

Not what you need to hear and you may well get used to it, but I am extremely sensitive to noise and struggle to tune it out. I have tried desperately to not be bothered but to no avail!

Hope it's different for you.

ElectronicDischarge Thu 03-Nov-16 19:01:26

I've lived on crazy busy roads, opposite different hospitals and on a quiet new build estate.
I honestly heard more noise on the estate as it was quieter overall, iyswim. As it is, I barely hear helicopters or ambulances now. You'll quickly adjust

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