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advice on a move with homeswapper

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lost2016 Mon 31-Oct-16 20:04:04


I think I am going to be in my property until I need a care home. Seriously I have been on homeswapper twice before and had loads of interest from various different people ( even from areas I didn't want) with my last 2 flats and moved within 3 months.
I now have a bedsit ( I had to move from my previous flat due to personal reasons - there were too many bad memories) and it would seem that no one is interested, the one person who was didn't read the advert properly and when I said my property was a bedsit they decided that they weren't interested.
I have messaged people but there hasn't been anything back - I am really getting disheartened by this.
Anyone any suggestions, anyone else have experience with this site - good or bad. I had had a good experience the last 2 times so I am a little gut head this time around that it feels like I am going to be here forever but I desperately want out of the area for a fresh start but am not prepared to go private. Please help.

YelloDraw Mon 31-Oct-16 20:58:16

Why would people want to swap into a bedsit? Do you have something nicer than usual like a great location or a garden or something?

Thought most people want to swap up to bigger places, or down to a 1 bed flat to avoid bedroom tax?

sluj Tue 01-Nov-16 13:37:53

Bedsits are very unpopular and the last person you exchanged with must have been jumping for joy to find someone to exchange with. Can you go back to your landlord and council to ask about traditional transfers? Some do allow bedsitters to wait for one beds.
Unless you are in a very desirable area which someone might want for work, I think you will have a long wait.
Take some good pictures for the site but be prepared to clearly declare it's a bedsit to avoid wasting anyone's time. If it's a large room with potential to partition see if this is an option your landlord would entertain.
Im sorry but if you have moved twice recently and now looking to move again, you might have to consider if the bedsit is the main problem. Could you talk to anyone about the issues?

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