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Where to live and good schools in Staffordshire?

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user1471549018 Mon 31-Oct-16 09:53:01

We're considering a move to the county to allow us to just about commute to Manchester, Coventry and Nottingham/Leicester. After my initial research I'm pleasantly surprised what we can get for our money but can't find any good (secondary) schools. Can anyone recommend any (state or independent) so I can start focusing my search a bit. What is the county like to live in? I'm imagining cycling in the peak district and shopping in Manchester and B'ham, but is there anything for teens to do locally? What is the weather like- I hate the constant rain and drizzle in the north west. Any particular towns or villages to focus on? TIA

nell15 Wed 02-Nov-16 15:51:04

Stafford. I grew up there and frequently go back there. It's a great town and is close to the countryside, Cannock chase is close by theres canals and riverside for walks. I can't comment on the schools but generally education is of a good quality. I didn't do badly out of my education, getting to Postgrad level. Weston and Walton secondaries are the better ones There's a annual Shakespeare play in the open air. Theatre at theCastle and music and arts events - lots of nice pubs too. There's some lovely villages like great Haywood, gnosall, haughton, Eccleshall, penkridge

Stone is lovely as is Lichfield. I quite like Burton on Trent having worked there, it's a small town on the river Trent and off the A38 and very friendly

BuggerOffDailyMail Wed 02-Nov-16 16:09:47

Leek Leek Leek Leek Leek. Did I mention Leek? Best secondary school by a country mile is Painsley Catholic College in Cheadle but because of that, Cheadle house prices are slightly inflated and to get into Painsley there's a pretty strict entrance criteria. The best after that on the league tables and from local knowledge would be either Westwood or Leek High, both located in Leek.

Leek house prices are awesome, bought my first house there aged 23 for £93k, lovely little 2 bed end terrace with incredible views. The town is gorgeous too, tons of architecture and friendly as anywhere. Awesome pubs too and a very hot live music scene. There's a couple of good restaurants in the town centre but if you're wanting something a bit more lavish there's Macclesfield about 25 mins away, Stoke On Trent 20 mins away and Ashborne 30 mins away.

It's perched right on the edge of the Peak District so you've got The Roaches, Ladderage Country Park, Birchall, Leek Canal path, Rudyard, Tittisworth Reservoir, Brough Park etc etc etc all within about 10 minutes drive and depending where you are in town, most within walking distance.

The commute to Manchester for shopping would probably be a drive to Macclesfield train station and a train into Manchester for the day. I do this regularly because it's cheap as chips and a grand day out!

Living in the country, for me is the norm as i grew up in a small village, but my life now consists of weekends spend up to my eyeballs in mud while I take the dogs out up the canal path. It's a 4 mile walk and 4 miles back with a pub half way so in the summer a cider in the sun is very welcome! In the winder it's a pot of tea and soup and a sarnie grin

I commute an hour to work (I work in Stafford) but it's not a difficult trip. A car in Leek is a must. They are building a train station in the next few years but there isn't one currently.

All in all it's a lovely life in the Peaks! grin

user1471549018 Wed 02-Nov-16 21:32:03

Thanks so much for that information, I've made a note of all of it to help with the search. And Bugger based on your username i think we'll fit in well grin

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