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Sound from neighbours TV vibrates through the wall, anything we can do?

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Cumberlover76 Sun 30-Oct-16 08:55:35

The neighbours have fixed a tv to the adjoining bedroom wall of our semi-detached house, I think it must be in a shared joist. When they have it on we can hear the sound vibrating through the wall in our bedroom and downstairs in the lounge. It's more annoying than hearing the actual sound as its a vibration/tinny weird sound and is at such a level I can still hear it through earplugs. I don't want to speak to them as have had to ask them to turn stuff down a couple of times before and find them rather spikey, so just wondering if there's anything we can do our side that wouldn't be too expensive or difficult, also both properties are rented if that makes any difference.

wooooofudge Sun 30-Oct-16 09:01:02

I was going to suggest talking to them about it - getting them to see what it is like for you would be the best thing. Is there no way you can do this?

AnnetteKertan Sun 30-Oct-16 09:04:05

Put your TV on the wall, then they'll have the same problem

Yuckky Sun 30-Oct-16 09:07:05

I think you will have to speak to them. Can you ask them to come and listen to it in your house so they can see you are not being unreasonable.

You could buy acoustic panelling for the wall.

JoJoSM2 Sun 30-Oct-16 11:32:30

I'd look at some insulation for the wall too.

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