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Are ikea appliances any good? And best cheapish kitchen floor?

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TheHighPriestessOfTinsel Thu 27-Oct-16 08:56:17

We are refurbing the kitchen on a shoestring. Well, not exactly a shoestring, but I definitely live in a different world to most of the posters on existing kitchen threads, where their refurbs cost approximately half of the value of my house.

We are going to get an Ikea kitchen. Are their own-brand integrated appliances any good? Particularly the in-cupboard extractor things? If not, where else can I get a decent one? We've no room for a proper hood.

And does anyone have a recommendation for flooring? I think DH would prefer a good-quality laminate (we have quickstep in the dining room, and it has been mistaken for engineered wood) but I wasn't sure how well that would fare in a kitchen? Is decent vinyl better? Are their any decently priced wood options?

Mrsladybirdface Thu 27-Oct-16 09:08:42

I'm really pleased with the appliances have ikea oven, combi, hob, extractor and dishwasher.

The oven, hob and combi are fab. The in cupboard extractor seems to do the job but to be honest I haven't got that much experience to compare. The dishwasher is ok but we have the built in one so it's smaller than my freestanding one.

They come with a 5 year warranty which for me is a big plus. We had to use it for the dishwasher and the service was great.

Also, you can get 2 years intersting free credit with ikea!

OurBlanche Thu 27-Oct-16 09:15:46

IKEA appliances are made by Whirlpool, who make them for a lot of big names, including Maytag and KitchenAid.

So they are fine. I see a lot of them in some of the poshest houses I go into. So they must be considered good enough for living with and sturdy enough for renting out!

Pradaqueen Thu 27-Oct-16 09:17:27

They are good. I use them in my business renovations. Long warranty too. If you are looking to save money though, wait until July when the product catalogue changes. Everything is reduced significantly. Last year ovens were sub £100 and I picked up sinks for £10. Or try eBay for appliances. You can get a basic cooker hood for sub £50 and an non-branded oven and electric hob for less than £150.

TheHighPriestessOfTinsel Thu 27-Oct-16 09:44:24

excellent, thanks all. I'm not sure that their ovens offered quite what we needed (it's a space thing rather than functionality), and we've seen an entry-level bosch that we like, but we're definitely looking at an extractor and dishwasher from them, possibly hob as well.

any thoughts on flooring?

ruralretreat Thu 27-Oct-16 09:52:18

We had two kitchens with their ovens and hobs, they were great. Hobs were really controllable and the ovens were good for baking and roasting, I had the single ovens. The only thing I didn't like about the oven was that I couldn't easily take the glass out of the oven door and there were streaks in between glass panes that I couldn't access. The extractors were not quite so good - they were ok but not brilliant.

Pradaqueen Thu 27-Oct-16 13:53:21

What type of flooring do you like?

Fennwalker Thu 27-Oct-16 13:59:35

Whole kitchen came from IKEA, cost literally thousands less than the other quotes. Put it all in ourselves, is set up to help you iyswim, that was a few years ago and is still great.

Have hob, oven and extractor, different dishwasher and fridge but only because of odd sizes we needed.

vvviola Fri 28-Oct-16 00:00:53

We're redoing our kitchen next year, but had originally planned to do it before moving in, on a very tight budget so we've done a lot of planning.

We were planning on the laminate that looks like tiles (quick step do one) - they are more water resistant than regular laminate I think and are designed for kitchens. Prices (in Ireland) were a lot more reasonable than tiles/engineered wood etc.

TheHighPriestessOfTinsel Fri 28-Oct-16 17:26:26

thanks again
re flooring - all I know is that I don't want tiles, and that it needs to be lightish as it's a small. north facing space. I think engineered wood might be my preference but I have no idea if it's practical or if we can afford it.

SweetPeaPods Fri 28-Oct-16 17:28:05

We have an IKEA fridge freezer and it's great.

Pradaqueen Sat 29-Oct-16 10:09:15

You might find European oak engineered floor for £30sqm but you will have to seal/stain it yourself. I've actually found a really nice grey/brown laminate for my most recent renovation projects from carpet right which is around £10/11sqm and might be a great stop gap until you have greater funds?

Pradaqueen Sat 29-Oct-16 10:14:20

Here is one of the kitchens. Kitchen is all Ikea including worktops. Flooring carpet right. Appliances were bought online. Extractor is built in over hob.

FlamingoSnuffle Sat 29-Oct-16 11:20:26

I have an Ikea kitchen. It was installed 3 years ago and still looks brand new. It is the old Faktum one.

I didn't have their specific appliances but I do have Whirlpool ones as I doubled checked they would fit the apertures. So I have an American fridge freezer, single oven and microwave.

Extractor is Ikea's own built into cupboard one, it is noisy but does the job.

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