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Come talk to me about having central heating installed...

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Clash1001 Wed 26-Oct-16 20:32:28

We have gas heated water, a gas fire in the living room and gas heaters in the 2 bedrooms (no heating at all in the bathroom and kitchen - brrr). Hot water tank is in the loft.

We have recently come into some money so are finally getting central heating installed.

We are living in the house at present, but were wondering how it actually works? Do the pipes go under the floorboard? Will we have need to replace the carpets afterwards? The bathroom floor is tiled, so will need replacing I suspect.

Just trying to plan how we're going to move furniture round to accommodate the floorboards being up! We have our gas-safe plumber who we've used for years coming round next week, but would like a heads up so I can start psyching myself up for it!

Lawnneedsmowing Wed 26-Oct-16 20:42:50

We had our heating system put in this January during a cold snap.. bad planning on our part! Previously vented air heating so we had whole system new. We had a choice of where to put boiler including loft but went with airing cupboard. They took up carpet and floorboards upstairs and ran it around..they moved furniture etc. We just tidyed up. Downstairs is concrete floors so they dropped pipes down walls and along skirting from upstairs and then we got those boxed in later.
We got a snazzy Nest WiFi system for no extra's great
We did move to local caravan site for 3 days so they didn't need to put floorboards upstairs back each evening.
It was much quicker than I expected...probably 4 days including all new radiators.
Having central heating is brilliant!

Lawnneedsmowing Wed 26-Oct-16 20:43:22

Carpets were all fine...

ClashCityRocker Wed 26-Oct-16 21:49:15

Thank you! Thinking about it, our floors are concrete downstairs too, d'oh.

That's very reassuring, thanks.

(I've also just been told we don't have a water tank...apparently we have a combi boiler blush )

Lawnneedsmowing Fri 28-Oct-16 20:34:31

Good luck.

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