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Builders coming to quote

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fudgecat Mon 24-Oct-16 17:04:29

We have planning permission for an extension to our house and have the first lot of builders visiting this week to quote. How much info will they want from us other than the architects drawings? Eg will they expect me to know where I want the radiators/type of flooring and number of plugs etc I want at this stage? Anything I should expect them to ask?

babyboyHarrison Mon 24-Oct-16 17:12:06

Not 100% sure as I usually deal with larger builds but I'm sure they will give you a quote and make various assumptions. What they assume won't necessarily be what you want and if you have several quotes you will need to be careful comparing them as they will make different assumptions. So in short the more info you give them the more accurate your quote will be. Try and get them to give you a bill of quantities as it will help you compare quotes. Lots of cost overrun in projects is due to clients changing their minds and being late making decisions, keeping these things under control will help keep things on budget. Good luck

meg54 Mon 24-Oct-16 18:24:26

What are you using the extension for?

Shurelyshomemistake Mon 24-Oct-16 18:54:44

You definitely need to draw up a list of your Specification otherwise they'll price cheap for your internal spec and costs will mount during build. Think about:

Type of windows and doors: alu or upvc, double or triple glazed, extra security?

Type of flooring and heating; number of rads.

Inclusive or exclusive of kitchen + appliances?

External and internal doors - standard or something more fancy.

External lighting?

Outside taps and powerpoints?

Landscaping after?

Inclusive or exclusive of skips (clue: INCLUSIVE!)

Type of socket and lighr switch if anything other than bog standard.

Inclusive or exclusive of eg tiling and painting?

Who will do building regs? Will they sort all or will you?

If you've a new bathroom, inclusive or exclusive of sanitaryware? Any complex sanitary installations such as washlet loo, in-wall shower controls/ wall hung taps or basins?

And finally: inc or ex VAT??? Crucial, if ex you can add £££ to the quote.

That's just a few ideas to help you get a good thorough quote.

Have your structural engineers' calcs/ drawings to hand too.

johnd2 Mon 24-Oct-16 20:14:51

I second the more detailed specification, however builders don't spend a long time on quotes, so you'd be lucky to get a full breakdown bill. Our architect asked for one in the details, and only one builder provided one, and he was extremely expensive. Normally it's just like steel, foundations, roof, etc and a few (large) numbers!
I don't think the one we went with even read the specification! But he knows how to build.
Good luck!

fudgecat Mon 24-Oct-16 20:15:34

Meg, sorry I should have said what it was for, it's to extend the kitchen to the front of the house to roughly double the size of the room, we will then use it as a kitchen/diner

Shurely, thanks thats loads of really useful bits for me to think about, some I hadn't even considered.

Is it normal to expect the builder to fit the kitchen (IKEA) too or would they expect me to sort out our own fitter?

johnd2 Mon 24-Oct-16 21:19:58

I think most builders will do everything or subcontract what they can't, but you'll either have their non specialist skill on the job, or the extra markup from the subcontract.
If you can find one yourself, itd be better, but you're basically being a project manager at that point.
Our builder I think was going to subcontract the electrics and plumbing, but it was going to add over 5k+vat, so I said I'd do it (plumbing for a few extra rads and a load of basic sockets and lights off existing circuits) but that's only because I know what to to.
Discuss with your builder and see what they are happy with, if they're not helpful you can always find another.

meg54 Tue 25-Oct-16 19:29:44

You will need to get them to quote on:
Building work: floor leveling to existing access, connections for gas, leccy, water & sewage - don't forget to factor in external drain work AND access for washer and dishwasher drainage, and any extra plumbing and drainage that needs to be re-routed from existing and upstairs pipework
( downspouts and guttering, including any scaffolding costs and remedial work).
Who is responsible for removal of debris (this can add £2000. to your quote!! Will there still be access to the front of the house when the extension is built to remove rubbish?

Is boiler to be removed or replaced, big implications for regulations here!!

Electricals: Don't forget to include ceiling lights, under cupboard lights, inside cupboard lights. Also you will need connections for your cooker, hob and extractors, as they will also need power to for igniters and displays etc. You will need to decide where and how many electrical sockets you require before first fix, these can now be installed to include charging points for your mobiles etc. Think about whether you would like a TV in your extension, access is easier done at build stage.

You also need to confirm with your builders reasonable use of facilities while they are working - as far as they are concerned it will be a building site and they will work accordingly. If you need access to water/heating/gas/sewage/electricity/your front door etc you MUST be sure to let them know.
I can think of loads more but don't want to overload you!!
Do you have a timescale for this? Are you anticipating using the same company for everything.....

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