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is a bath/shower combo and a walk in too much in one bathroom?

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FASH84 Sun 23-Oct-16 23:08:46

we are about to move house, in our current place we have a bath/shower combo, my partner has regular baths, I do occasionally. The house we have bought has a walk in shower and separate bath, the whole bathroom is dated and we will be replacing it (baby brother is a plumber, so fitting issues/costs aren't a problem). Although I like to shower I prefer a bath/shower combo, more space, easier to shave legs etc. Do we rip out the walk in shower and have just a tub/shower combo, and more space for storage units or have the combo and the walk in. If we have a combo I want one with a proper shower, and screen/curtain, not just a hand held showerhead. Having just a double/large walk in shower (my preferred option) isn't going to happen due to the darling man's penchant for bubble baths at least once a week... Because the bathroom is long and relatively narrow the bath and shower are currently side by side, will it look silly to have two proper showers in one room?

JoJoSM2 Sun 23-Oct-16 23:29:08

That does sound a bit unusual but it is about what works for you in your own home... I wouldn't worry if anyone else finds it a bit weird.

Spam88 Sun 23-Oct-16 23:38:02

It sounds like you'd only be using the over-bath shower though so I'm not clear what the point would be in keeping the cubicle?

SoupDragon Mon 24-Oct-16 07:44:09

If the room is narrow, I would go withjust the bath/shower, probably one of those "keyhole"baths.

carmenta Mon 24-Oct-16 07:48:11

If you do the shower properly you can get what you want without needing it to be over a bath. You can build in a tiled shelf to prop your leg on while shaving and make the shower big by using a glass screen / tiles rather than one of those awful pre-built cubicles. If it's a long narrow room then a shower that goes across one end of the room usually works well.

Costacoffeeplease Mon 24-Oct-16 07:49:50

We have this in our rental apartment en-suite. It had two full bathrooms, so when we re-did them last year, we took out the bidet and made that a walk-in shower. It looks fine and we've already had very positive feedback from guests - however as you say you prefer to use a shower over a bath, I'm not sure why you would want a walk-in shower as well?

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