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PVC window horrors

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WelshMoth Wed 19-Oct-16 21:27:17

I've had a local company in to replace 5 windows last month. I've telephoned them 3 times to request a return to deal with a number of issues.

1. One windows protective strip hasn't been removed pre-installation so now that it's in place, the strip is also firmly fixed in place. It sticks out like a sore thumb - white strip against a dark wood pvc colour.

2. One other window - I'm sure it's a slight angle and you can see the
breezeblock outside - so no sealant.

3. Upstairs bathroom window. Huge concerns. These were highlighted to us today because we had other tradesmen in to remove existing bathroom including tiles. When they removed the tiles, there were gaps all around the new window, cavity is exposed and it just seems really really shoddy. I've enclosed pictures.

My problem is, I have no idea on how to word my letter as I don't know much about the technicality of window fitting. They've promised to come back (have telephoned 4 times, they answered once) but no show. So now that I'm putting it in writing, I don't want to be fobbed off my them blaming the bathroom tradesmen. Can anyone help me?

Pics enclosed.

Huge thanks.

WelshMoth Wed 19-Oct-16 21:30:17

More pics

Coughingchildren5 Wed 19-Oct-16 22:37:31

Money talks. Say you will not pay the final bill until they complete the job.

wowfudge Thu 20-Oct-16 03:00:46

Tell them you are not happy with the standard of the installation and you would like the boss to come and take a look. If they refuse, tell them you have no option but to contact Trading Standards to report the sub-standard work.

WelshMoth Thu 20-Oct-16 06:37:49

We've already paid - hence they're really dragging their feet to return. They were in and out very quickly. confused

WelshMoth Thu 20-Oct-16 21:09:20

Bumping for traffic

WelshMoth Thu 20-Oct-16 21:13:29

wowfudge don't know how I missed your post - thanks - that's exactly what I'll say. I'm just concerned that they'll now blame the one window on the bathroom fitters who've stripped down the original tiles in readiness for the new tiles and bathroom. I trust the bathroom tradesmen (one is even studying engineering and building regs in Uni) but I am not able to argue the toss with window blokie because I don't have enough knowledge.

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