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Anyone caved and put the heating on yet?

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cheekyfunkymonkey Wed 19-Oct-16 19:19:43

We are trying to put it off as long as possible and will be rationing it when we do. I have put heat reflector sheets on the back of the radiators and got the draft excluders out. Wearing layers and under snuggle blankets to keep warm, but it's only October.... Any tips or have you all had it on for weeks?

mintthins Wed 19-Oct-16 19:22:21

Had it on for a couple of weeks, but just enough to take the edge off. I hate being cold though.

user1471507699 Wed 19-Oct-16 19:23:13

Had it on when needed for the last week or so. We can afford it and I find I get far too lazy when I'm cold and just want to stay under a blanket!

SwearyGodmother Wed 19-Oct-16 19:23:36

DH finally caved this afternoon after we found ourselves in several layers and still cold. It's got really chilly these past few days.

I'm very much a put-on-another-sweater type but I think when you're wearing a hat indoors it's a bit much.

dementedpixie Wed 19-Oct-16 19:24:17

Ours isn't off as such but is on a timer with a thermostat. If the temp goes below 18 the heating comes on but only between 6-10am and 5-10pm. If it doesn't go below 18 it won't go on

ShatnersBassoon Wed 19-Oct-16 19:24:26

Let the thermostat judge whether the heating should be on, not your calendar confused

Our heating has been clicking on and off for weeks. I don't mind paying to be comfortable.

Scribblegirl Wed 19-Oct-16 19:25:40

We've been having an hour's blast in the morning but not needed it in the evening yet. We're in a lower ground/garden flat though and need it to make the bathroom bearable for a morning shower! Wouldn't have dreamt of having it on this early in our old place (top floor flat!)

Camembertie Wed 19-Oct-16 19:29:54

I'm the same as Shatner but I now have to get up at 5am for work so have guiltily raised temp to 20 and it makes such a difference getting up.

No fire lit yet though

Lilmisskittykat Wed 19-Oct-16 19:30:05

On here.. just on low .. the drop in temperature in the evenings is getting noticeable I think.

CharminglyGawky Wed 19-Oct-16 19:30:44

Thermostat is set for 18 and it has been on for a couple of weeks. I quite like a cool house but I'm not sitting in a cold for for the sake of a few weeks extra with the heating on!

NicknameUsed Wed 19-Oct-16 19:35:51

"Let the thermostat judge whether the heating should be on, not your calendar confused"

This ^^

I am not prepared to make a martyr of myself to the cold, and I don't do the competitive MN let's see how many jumpers I can wear/throws I need rather than put the heating on.

We have solar panels which help to offset our carbon footprint so I don't feel guilty sitting in a nice warm house.

Every sympathy for those who struggle to afford heating. I have been there.

cheekyfunkymonkey Wed 19-Oct-16 19:47:22

We don't have a thermostat for the whole house just the ones on the radiators. First winter in a new house, panicking a bit about how much it will cost 😌

dementedpixie Wed 19-Oct-16 19:50:05

So is your heating either on or off with no timer or thermostat? Our thermostat isn't in the hall and timer is in the kitchen with the other boiler controls

dementedpixie Wed 19-Oct-16 19:50:21

Is in the hall*

Janey50 Wed 19-Oct-16 19:53:18

Not yet,and I won't until the outside temperature is in single figures. I don't feel the cold easily,nor does anyone else in the family,apart from my DP,but he is working away from home at the moment,so it's not an issue yet! He is a complete wuss about the cold,I say it is because he is so skinny. He maintains it's because he's from a hot African country! Me,I am well upholstered and menopausal which is making me feel permanently warm. As long as I am warm while I am in bed,I can cope with a chilly house by wearing a cardigan and warm socks.

PigletJohn Wed 19-Oct-16 19:53:56

yes, for a couple of weeks. The thermostat has been turning it on when it considers necessary, mostly nights and mornings, a few evenings.

It's a programmable stat so has different temperatures for day, night, time of day.

timeforachangeithink Wed 19-Oct-16 19:55:30

North east Scotland here and had it on since last Friday. Much later than usual but was a bit worried about toddler ds and radiators.

DrWhy Wed 19-Oct-16 19:59:00

Absolutely, it's currently 6 degrees outside and we've had the first frosts overnight. It's miserable enough being up to do night feeds without the room being horribly cold too.

cheekyfunkymonkey Wed 19-Oct-16 20:52:49

It has a timer, no thermostat, but you can control the individual radiators. Time- will your toddler stay away from radiators if you say 'hot' ( or will that prove a temptation grin)

PigletJohn Wed 19-Oct-16 22:24:59


I think you should look into adding a room stat. Otherwise the boiler will kepp trying to heat itself and the pipes, even when the rooms are at a comfortable temperature. A programmable stat allows you to set different temps according to time of day and day of week, for example, warmer at the weekend; cooler at night, heating up before getting-up time and backing off after breakfast. It does allow you to improve economy and/or comfort.

The excellent Honeywell CM907 has recently been replaced by the new T4. The older model is still available at a reduced price, e.g. at Plumbworld.

lolalament Wed 19-Oct-16 22:26:31

I've put it on, but only in my parrot's room

Monkeybunkey Thu 20-Oct-16 11:22:17

I was holding out as it's around 18C still in the house (which is generally where I set the thermostat) but I came home early yesterday and DP (who's on nights) had put it on for a cheeky hour and turned the thermostat up to 25! The timer's now on for a couple of hours in the morning and from 5pm (it was off before yesterday) and I must admit it was lovely having a warm towel from the radiator when I got out of the shower this morning!

Kel1234 Thu 20-Oct-16 11:25:49

We put ours on a few weeks ago. I can't stand being cold. Luckily though it's a decent size house it doesn't take long to warm up.

OutDamnedWind Thu 20-Oct-16 11:35:44

Caved last week and today, though only had it on twice. I am at home in the day currently though which is unusual for me.

However I am very excited about being in a house with an actual thermostat! First time in 6 years. Hoping it'll make quite a difference.

YelloDraw Thu 20-Oct-16 12:50:16

Not in the flat - thermostat still saying 19.5 most of the time. Hasn't dropped below that during waking hours anyway.

Have had it on a few times in the new property tho - much colder older house!

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