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Would you buy a flat near a train depot?

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KimmySchmidty Wed 19-Oct-16 14:38:53

Hi All, first time buyer here looking for your words of widsom. I have an offer accepted on a flat and was pretty pleased to hear that Crossrail 2 was coming to the area in 2030 (a long time away, I realise), I had a closer look at the plans and it looks like a depot for Crossrail 2 will be built pretty near the flat. The flat is probably 50m from the trainline and the depot looks like it will be on the other side. I'm not so bothered about the trainline but I'm wondering if the depot would be a deal breaker for some people? Or am I overreacting because it's 14 years away? I'm not sure if it would make it more difficult to sell either- would really appreciate anyone's opinions! Thanks in advance.

johnd2 Thu 20-Oct-16 20:52:04

What is it you're worried about? Presumably not the noise as the train line will be closer. I can't imagine there would be a crime problem or fly tipping. Would it be the view? Maybe you could get a train spotting enthusiast as a lodger! ;)

JoJoSM2 Thu 20-Oct-16 22:35:43

Are you a bit anxious about the purchase and hence worrying about things so many years in the future? Do you intend to stay there for that long? Personally, I'd be bothed if the flat looked over train tracks or the building felt as if it were in an industrial area. The sellability could be a bit affected and the price most certainly would be.

Scribblegirl Fri 21-Oct-16 14:10:44

Not hugely relevant, but.... I live near a train depot and the very last train of the evening (which is meant to be a fast service, and skip my little station) makes an unadvertised stop at mine to let train staff out back to the depot at the end of shift. It is very useful and has saved my skin from a £50 taxi ride a couple of times wink

wheatchief Sun 23-Oct-16 20:48:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dozer Sun 23-Oct-16 20:51:14

Since the depot isn't there yet (so size/activity etc is unclear) it could well put off potential buyers should you want to sell.

SingaSong12 Sun 23-Oct-16 20:59:31

I'd only avoid because of the potenti problems when you sell on. You have at least some doubts so it is likely future buyers will as well. As PP have said if you are planning to be there until the line and depot were built that would at least mean that future buyers could actually hear/feel what it is like. of course it's possible that the line won't do ahead.

MamehaSan Sun 23-Oct-16 21:07:42

What's worrying you specifically about the depot? The new Crossrail trains will be electric, so any train movements will be less noisy than if you were near to, say, a diesel loco depot. New depots (especilly those being built in established residential areas) have to be built to comply various regulations about noise and light pollution, e.g. there are often restrictions on the types of activity that can be carried out during night-time hours, maybe noise-deadening fencing and low-level lighting at track level as opposed to massive floodlights on pylons. Deliveries of parts / supplies etc will be during the day, too.

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