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Garden Office

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sh700 Tue 18-Oct-16 23:22:30

Does anyone have one? We're thinking about getting rid of our shed and having a proper office space built with electric, insulation,etc.
Does anyone know roughly how much this might cost? Also, how usable are they? DH is worried it will be freezing in winter and boiling in summer.

BloddersMum Tue 18-Oct-16 23:37:24

We have one from Booths Garden studio. 12 x 21 feet with a cassette toilet. We use it as our third bedroom (guest bedroom) as our third is in the house is a proper box room and my folks live 3h away. It was cheaper than moving or extension. 4 years old and we payed approx. £22,000 at that point.
We use it a lot all year round. It never gets too hot in summer and we use an oil filled radiator in winter when it's in use to keep a nice temperature.

BloddersMum Tue 18-Oct-16 23:41:54

In fact everyone argues who is staying in there. My parents love it and tell us to send dd up in the morning! We love it and tell my parents that they can stay in the house and we can go up to the studio grin

sh700 Wed 19-Oct-16 02:01:07

Thanks.We'd ideally stick a sofa bed in there and have it as a spare room too. Thought it was a bit mean sending guests (mostly my DM) to sleep in the garden though grin. Haven't heard of a cassette toilet though, that makes it sound more appealing.

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