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No full copy of tenancy agreement - worried!

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WorriedTenants Sun 16-Oct-16 17:22:44


I wasn't sure if this was the best place for us to post this but here we go.

We've lived in the same house for more than six years now and we always sign 24 month fixed term contracts every two years. Earlier this year when we signed it again, landlord was in a rush and only brought a couple of pages of the agreement (had the details of amount, both our addresses, that type of stuff). It was such a hassle getting it sorted anyway because of our and her working hours that we just signed that bit of paper and she gave us one copy and she took the other. We had a little joke about the fact we won't be leaving and she joked that she won't be wanting us out anytime soon anyway.

It's only now that we realise we don't have a copy of the bit with all the terms and stuff of the tenancy. Since then, we've had a few things needed fixing etc and she's referred back to the tenancy when letting us know who is liable etc. But we don't have a full copy? Unless we go by the old one?

Do we assume that we are going by the same tenancy as the last times we signed it? Does this affect the security of our tenancy in anyway?

I'm concerned now that we aren't legally in a fixed term tenancy agreement and will instead be rolling along on a periodic because we didn't sign a full copy. We sign 24 months for more security so this is concerning me a lot as well as worries that she could add pages to the tenancy and claim we signed it if she fancied it.

Can anyone advise?

johnd2 Sun 16-Oct-16 18:00:28

Normally they make you initial every page to prove you've read it. So adding pages wouldn't go down well if it came to court. To be honest you want to avoid having to resort to arguing about the tenancy agreement.
Anyway in your situation I'd scan/photo the pages you have and email them to her with a covering email saying these are all you have signed with her and can she confirm whether the rest of the pages match last year's agreement. If she replies with a yes, then you have something in writing at least. Hope you don't have any problems though, maybe next time consider printing your own copy if you have an electronic one.

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