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Help! Can't work out how to remove pull-out drawers

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BoBoo Sun 16-Oct-16 15:26:04

I need to change the kitchen sink tap, but there are sliding drawers under the sink. They were here when we moved in so didn't install them, but can't work out how to pull them out so that I can access underneath the sink.

Is there some kind of hidden trick I'm missing. Any ideas?

LIZS Sun 16-Oct-16 15:27:57

If they are on small wheels you may need to angle it upwards as you pull it out.

FabFiveFreddie Sun 16-Oct-16 15:28:50

Mine have little clips on the underside. Difficult to explain but if you pull the drawer out fully (after emptying it!), then cup your hands under the corners nearest to your knees and run your hands along the railings, you should feel a clip on each side. Undo it and the whole thing should lift off the rails.

BoBoo Sun 16-Oct-16 17:57:21

Thanks for the advice. Have managed to do it, I think more by luck than judgement. One of the valves under the sink isn't working and can't find the stopcock so think it is going to have to wait until another day.

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