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Architect fees for house extension?

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user1469651065 Sun 16-Oct-16 09:29:00

Just had a quote back from an architect to do all the pre-work and planning for around £3000 excluding the regs fees and planning application fees. To me this seems about right but DH thinks this is too much. We live in the commuter belt to London and the build cost is (optimistically) around 70k. Looking for any advice! I would really like to use this guy as he lives 2 mins from our house! Thoughts?!

johnd2 Sun 16-Oct-16 10:22:16

Get a few people in and find one you're comfortable with. A good architect is money well spent.
Although who would do the building regs and contracts?
Fwiw that sounds OK, the most expensive quote we had was about double that to include building regs, construction drawings, finding a builder and help during construction.

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