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Potential Subsidence

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RainyDayBear Sat 15-Oct-16 15:03:44

I'm after a bit of advice! We noticed a few cracks to the exterior of the house recently, where the extension (that is at least 12 years old joins on). They are wider at the top, the one at the back is quite jagged, we've recently noticed a few interior cracks around doors (where the extension joins) too. I mentioned it to our neighbors in passing, and they and their joined on neighbors have also had similar problems recently, so quite honestly I'd be surprised if it wasn't subsidence. Having googled some pictures it seems it's mild at the moment. I know we need a professional out!

My question is, what should our next step be? Do we contact the insurance because we suspect subsidence? Or do we get a buildings surveyor our to be sure before getting the insurance involved?

Also does anyone have any experiences of this? From googling it sounds like it will be harder to sell our property - though possibly easier after ten years or so when there's been no further movement. I also think we'll be stuck with our insurer forever! On the plus side we bought a house that we wanted to do up and be in for awhile, so won't be getting 'stuck' and we are at least with a decent insurer (Halifax) who were good when we had a leak and claimed.

Any advice / words of wisdom very welcome!!

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