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we are seriously looking at this house - any thoughts?

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saffronwblue Fri 14-Oct-16 01:47:00

Melbourne. Inner city but not the most trendy area.

It is literally across the road from a secondary school ( not where DD goes). What would that be like?

As ever I am seduced by the Victorian terrace features. The agent is saying higher than $1.4. This means at least $1.5 million. Note the kitchen and bathrooms are not modern or fancy which is what makes it a possibility for us.

It is up for auction - at the exact moment of the auction I will be being a bridesmaid in New Zealand so DH would bid if we decide to go for it.

MaitlandGirl Fri 14-Oct-16 02:01:29

The chances are that could easily go for closer to $2 million, depending on the market the Melbourne at the moment.

It'll be cold, we lived in a period property in NSW with high ceilings and it was a devil to keep warm, but was over hot in the summer (although I know Melbourne doesn't get as hot).

Living directly opposite the school would do it for me, I couldn't live that close. It'll be a nightmare trying to get in/out between 8-9 and again between 3-4. Then there's the noise level if you're at home during the day. Can you get there during school run time at all to judge the level of traffic?

Have you bought at auction before? If not, try and get to an inspection with someone who knows about property - so they can look to see if there are any issues with the building (damp, dodgy looking roof, drainpipes etc)

It's a beautiful house, but I'd say it's underpriced for the area - there's either something wrong, or the reserve is going to be very high.

RTKangaMummy Fri 14-Oct-16 02:16:04

I am in UK and grew up in Victorian house so love the high ceilings but yes would need good heating even in MEL I should expect

Love the front door and Windows either side smile

If you have small children that will need bathroom quickly the downstairs bathroom/laundry doesn't seem to have access from kitchen or family room could that be changed

If not, the study could become a corridor out to bathroom etc

What are the white rectangles at top of walls near ceiling? I see that you have heating vents in floors, is that right?

Agree go along at school drop off and collection times we nearly bought a house near primary school until we visited at collection time then changed our mind (DS wasn't the right age for school so not needed)

Catchment areas put prices up for good schools here in UK, so might that be same in Melbourne?

How sunny is garden? Especially where you might want to sit out with your family/friends

Ditsy4 Fri 14-Oct-16 02:22:12

It is gorgeous. Love the door.

GwendolynMary Fri 14-Oct-16 02:41:46

Have you done your building/pest inspection and searches via your solicitor? Got preapproval from bank and your blank bank cheque for the deposit if you win?

It looks lovely, but being beside a school might help keep the price reasonable. But that also means you'll have to accept a slightly lower price when you go to sell.

With all that land, I'd be checking the DAs submitted on that street to see if developers are active in the area. They have deep, deep pockets and will outbid you every time (speaks from bitter experience...)

CanadianJohn Fri 14-Oct-16 05:13:38

RTKangaMummy "What are the white rectangles at top of walls near ceiling? I see that you have heating vents in floors, is that right?"

The vents at the top of the walls are part of the heating-cooling system. Either return-air ducts when the heat is on, or cold-air ducts for when the AC is on.

I guess.

marblefireplace Fri 14-Oct-16 06:27:57

Purely going on looks with no thoughts as to practicality it is a very very lovely beautiful house. Makes me want to move to Oz! Good luck if you go for it.

YelloDraw Fri 14-Oct-16 11:20:56

It is gorgeous!

saffronwblue Fri 14-Oct-16 11:54:28

Thanks- agree about the study being a ratrun to the downstairs bathroom - DC are teens so I'm probably the one most in a rush to get there!
The little white rectangles are heating/cooling vents- though will look again when I inspect tomorrow.
I will try to go past it at school pick-up and drop off times and during the day- I work a lot from home so would notice lots of noise.

Purely going on looks with no thoughts as to practicality
this is how we have bought our previous houses!
Bank is on board but we have not yet organised a building/pest inspection.
Yes, agree about deep bitterness re developers, although we are hoping some rich greedy ones will buy our current house.

Clutterbugsmum Mon 17-Oct-16 07:08:54

I've lived near various schools for 40 plus years. Yes parking (here in the UK, no school buses) at drop off/pick up time so about 30 mins before and after.

The study appears to be at the back of the house so that should limit the noise at play times.

BadgerFace Mon 17-Oct-16 09:53:35

How many children go there and how do they tend to arrive at Oz secondary schools? We live really close to a 700 pupil primary school. There are some selfish parents who park across our drive blocking us in at drop off. So far we'be been lucky and haven't needed the car at that moment in time but it does enrage me a bit. But I'm currently on maternity leave so usually would have left for work before school start and wouldn't see it. That said, because the catchment areas are so small where we live I would think 90% of the children walk to school so car drop offs are not that prevalent.

I think if we lived opposite the entrance and I worked at home I would probably find it really annoying... But there are usually compromises in every house purchase so I guess the question is what's the next best option available and what does this house give you over that one?

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