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Architect in North Essex/Suffolk?

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mrsmortis Wed 12-Oct-16 15:14:53

Can anyone recommend a Architect in North Essex/Suffolk or somewhere nearby?

We're looking at either extending or doing a loft conversion or both but I need someone who can talk me through possibilities and give me ideas. And then do the drawings etc. and help with planning.

Several of my neighbours have had extension in the past few years but either they wouldn't recommend the architect, he/she has retired or I can't get them to return my phone call.

We have the money available to have the drawings done and get planning sorted (if needed, I think we are going to be outside permitted development but I'm not sure without talking to a specialist).

Thanks in advance.

Rabbitandco Wed 19-Oct-16 10:42:16

Hi mrsmortis,
My husband (Christophe Spiers) has an architectural practice, Thomas & Spiers Architects, based both in south Suffolk (just south of Ipswich) and London. I am incredibly biased but I think he's pretty marvellous.

His website is and he's got a Facebook page too - and I'm sure he can find you someone without a vested interest to talk to for references!

Hope this is helpful. I'll try to attach a picture of the work we've just had done on our house if I can figure out how...


mrsmortis Wed 19-Oct-16 12:10:09

Thank you. I've just emailed them.

Any one else with options for me?

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