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Can two different wallpapers in one room work?

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youvegottobekidding Mon 10-Oct-16 16:30:41

Our living room is quite large at approx 20ft by 13ft. It's flooded by natural light with a large front window & patio doors. On one wall we have a wide horizontal stripe wallpaper, the other walls are painted white.

I got a sample of wallpaper for our hallway, however I really like it & would like to have it in the living room on the large wall opposite the striped wallpaper! I think I can make them work, I'd prefer to have the brick wallpaper on both walls, as I like the brick wallpaper more, but we've only had the striped wallpaper done less than two years ago... I don't think OH would be happy about stripping that off & paying to have it done again! (We're rubbish at wallpapering so have to get someone we know to do it!)

I've put two samples up of the wallpapers to show the colours. When sat down we're facing the striped wallpaper, and the brick wallpaper will be behind.

Would it look too much? I wonder if I could have some sort of accident with the striped wallpaper? 🤔

timeforabrewnow Mon 10-Oct-16 16:32:08

yes - for my personal taste - that would be too much. Although I do like the colours

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