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who's responsible for this boundary wall?

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WhatsForYeWontGoByYe Mon 10-Oct-16 14:02:05

I live at the 'top' end of a 1930s terrace that slopes downhill. So, imagine my neighbour's garden is at a lower level to ours. There is a short wall in between our garden and my neighbours', which extends upwards from the level of their patio (so, at a level below our garden) to about ankle height on our side. On top of the wall is a fence, with the posts facing the neighbours' side. My neighbour, who is in her 90s, has been hinting to me that she'd like to repair this wall and expects us to pay 50 per cent.

I feel fairly sure that, given the wall has been built up from her level, it must be on her property and therefore we're not responsible for it.

I've checked our title plans on Land Registry but they don't help.

Not sure how to proceed - any thoughts? We don't want to fall out with our neighbour, but equally don't want to pay for something which isn't our responsibility (and potentially set a precedent).

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