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IKEA kitchens

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Iloverupertp Mon 10-Oct-16 11:50:29

As anyone had an IKEA kitchen fitted recently?would you share which one you went for and attach pictures?
Can't decide!!!
Also did you use their planners and fitters or use your own kitchen fitter ?
Thank you for any responses

Pradaqueen Mon 10-Oct-16 21:03:53

Here is one of three Ikea kitchens I have just put into 3 renovations I have just completed. They are all white as I wanted the widest possible appeal. I designed the kitchen. My carpenters fitted them. Sinks are Ikea. Taps are online. Work tops are Ikea. Splash backs by a local glazier. Appliances are whirlpool. Extractor fans are in cupboard and are Ikea. Carpenters customised the front of the extractor to match in. If you like white, you might like this! Other colours of course are available....wink

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