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Sanitary ware Experts

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kmini Sun 09-Oct-16 19:20:27


We are about to purchase a whole heap of sanitary ware for our barn conversion.

The look we are aiming for is one that is largely traditional, but what I really want to know are what do you think of the following brands and what would you suggest as alternatives.

The below brands have all been chosen by a 'bathroom designer' so sceptical about whether they are the best quality. Happy to pay for for quality on taps & shower screens. Any thoughts/experiences welcome:

Taps - She suggested Vitra for basins and Aqualisa for the showers heads. Thinking of changing them all to Burlington and Crosswater (probably crosswater).

Showers - She's chosen Sommer - thoughts?

Shower Trays - She's chosen Britton Zamori ones. Does quality matter with these.

Shower waste - Briton zamori again. my MIL's shower wastes look really 'scuffed' like the plating has come off. Dont knwo if this is using the wrong products or just poor brand.

Toilets -She's chosen Burlington - think Im ok on this one, but thoughts?

Bath - Carrilon delta chosen - is it worth it, seems quite expensive? Other bathroom has Britton clearwater?

Vanities - Burlington - thoughts?

Any help appreciated

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