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Please help me plan my lights and sockets

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faffalotty Wed 05-Oct-16 09:56:14

Recently moved into new home and need to get rewiring done. The sockets at the moment are a bit oddly placed (eg in room across the back of the house there are only sockets on the left and right walls). Also need to decide if I want to keep any wall lights or having ceiling ones, if the ceiling ones should be relocated, downlighters fitted or regular...
Too many choices!

Although living with the house for a while to see what would be most useful seems like a sensible idea, I would like to get it done quite soon - so that I can then get on with decorating and unpacking etc. It's all a bit of a mess at the moment.

So... any ideas/tips please! Anything you have that you like or dislike, anything that you would want changed? I had mentioned to me that new builds now have sockets quite high up the wall and light switches low down. Seems odd to me but does it work better?

I've only 2 teenage boys to discuss this with and their requirements will only relate to being able to plug in computers/Xboxes. So any advice gratefully received. Can try and draw up plans of the house if that would help.

Notonthestairs Wed 05-Oct-16 10:10:04

Hi - I am doing the same thing. I went round the house and listed the number of electrical items I have in each room (and the number of extension leads I am currently using!) to work minimum number of sockets required and then added one (double) socket. I have also tried to plan in advance where I am having our Christmas tree on the basis that the thing is up for the best part of a month a year!

A builder told me that they have to fit sockets higher and light switches lower to enable disabled people to reach them more easily.

We're getting rid of our wall lights and fitting ceiling ones as our electrician thinks they are more effective. But this will probably mean more lamps so I have to factor that in to the number and location of plug sockets!

namechangedtoday15 Wed 05-Oct-16 10:39:31

We've just done this - all I can say is be over-optimistic on how many you'll need.

I wouldn't have switches low down and sockets high up - that would look odd in my view. Switches at normal (shoulder?) height, sockets just above skirting boards (means invariably they'll be hidden by furniture).

Do you have to change anything else (eg kitchen / plumbing) - if so, think about how switches and sockets will fit once you change position of radiators etc.

PigletJohn Wed 05-Oct-16 12:34:05

the old fashion for having sockets near the skirting looks right to people who grew up with it.

The modern design for having sockets at a height that even fat, pregnant or disabled people can reach without having to kneel down looks right to people who are used to them.

There is nothing intrinsically "right" about putting fittings at a height that is difficult to reach.

faffalotty Wed 05-Oct-16 14:07:14

Thanks for replies. I'm not fat, disabled or pregnant so I don't think I'll need them higher up the wall (plus I'm a squatter not a kneeler)

Palomb Wed 05-Oct-16 19:38:18

No tips on socket placement but we've changed most of our sockets to sockets with intergral 2.1a USB chargers in and I cannot tell you how useful they are! If you're a gadget fiend then have a look at the USB chargers 👍🏼

Wrinklytights Wed 05-Oct-16 23:05:34

When we had our house rewired the sockets and switches were put at the heights to comply with modern building regs i.e low switches, high sockets. Not sure if they are obliged to do this, but it's good practise IMO. Why make life difficult for possible future disabled owners/visitor of your house. Re sockets - get plenty esp behind the TV. Our current house (not rewired by us) has 1 double socket behind the TV. ridiculous!

Kerberos Wed 05-Oct-16 23:09:44

When we had ours done we put 3 doubles behind the TV and for most rooms made sure there was a socket in every corner.

Also think about adding new light switches (ie switch a light off downstairs hall from upstairs) and lights in the attic.

We also had an additional socket installed in the attic in anticipation of a new shower to be installed.

faffalotty Thu 06-Oct-16 11:39:15

Palomb - thanks for that tip, I didn't even know they existed.

We currently have 1 single socket where the TV is. I don't think I've ever had more than 1 double socket previously, but more makes sense.

Attic is a good idea, thanks. Currently not boarded, so I'm not using it but will want to do so.

MiaowTheCat Thu 06-Oct-16 21:00:50

Seconding the USB socket thing - it's definitely worth putting some in at least in places where you'll tend to plug a charger in and leave stuff on charge as it makes life soooo much more straightforward.

If/when I get the wiring done in this house I'd go for at least 3 doubles near the TV area - but we have a lot of man-crap games consoles and stuff.

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