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Angry Builder

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Krooski Tue 04-Oct-16 13:36:49

We recently had some work done on our patio, by a small local company.
The man who did the bulk of the job has been here three days, and for two of those he was working alone. I was in because I work from home, so I talked with him a bit and did the usual coffee provision etc, although most times he seemed to prefer to have his own beer.
When I was at my desk for work I could hear him (I keep the windows open) but not see him.
Now the last day that he was here he seemed grumpy, and at one point I heard him shouting and swearing quite loudly in my front garden, and I also hear things clanging as if they were being thrown. This happened twice more. I didn't look to see what was happening, but it made me feel a little uncomfortable.
So I was relieved when the work was done. When I tidied after he'd gone I found a bit of hard plastic that clearly had broken off smth which I kept it in case it was part of something I'd need to repair.

Today, almost a week later, I was going to do some gardening. I got out my spade and the handle was completely broken off. Sure enough, it matched the plastic bit, but that was only a tiny chunk of the handle. The rest of it is gone. Not that it could've been repaired anyway.
No one else uses my equipment, and it was a very sturdy spade, so I'm certain that this man broke my spade when throwing it in his rage , then hid the largest bit of the handle, and put the spade back in the shed without saying anything. Spade is useless now.

I'm quite miffed. I've never had a problem like this before when paying people to do jobs, but should I anticipate breakage of my tools? And should I tolerate loud swearing and grown men throwing tantrums in my front garden?

johnd2 Tue 04-Oct-16 14:12:07

I don't think it's acceptable but unfortunately I think it's best for your sanity to write it off and buy a new one.
We've had builders in once before, and suffice to say this time we're hiding anything they might use for anything, in the locked garage. Although we have chosen better builders this time of course! But don't expect other people to look after your stuff like you would.

Krooski Wed 05-Oct-16 09:26:17

I think you're right - it's best to just buy a new spade and a padlock for the shed, and use a different company next time.

bouncydog Wed 05-Oct-16 10:40:40

We had one that helped himself to the vodka bottle and the contents of the fruit bowl! Final straw was when they cut the hinge into the wrong side of the door (then hung the door correctly) and hoped we wouldn't notice! Suffice to say they were swiftly ejected and their bill adjusted accordingly. Problem for you is you didn't actually see him do it.

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