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Pigletjohn -budget/midrange shower options please

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SleepFreeZone Mon 03-Oct-16 20:30:09

Quick question please. We are having a new bathroom with a shower over the bath. It will very rarely get used as I have baths and DP uses the shower in the ensuite. I'm envisaging a fixed head shower with a shower attachment underneath to be able to wash hair in the bath. It will need to run off a pump.

I know you tend to recommend Aqualisa but we don't want to spend much as it will only benefit future owners of the house. Any lower priced options that are still a decent make quality?

Thank you

PigletJohn Mon 03-Oct-16 23:42:38

Miras are not bad.

I have not used Bristan showers but their taps are very good so I expect their showers are OK.

IME, whatever the brand, bar showers are not as good as round ones with a knob.

For economy and ease of fitting and repair, choose a surface-mount, not one recessed into the wall. Use chromed pipe.

It's worth keeping an eye on Plumbworld. Put "clearance" into their search field to look for bargains.

OnePlanOnHouzz Tue 04-Oct-16 07:31:46

Why not have an electric shower there instead - it offers an alternative for a quick shower if you have run out of hot water in tank and won't need a pump. Have bath shower mixer taps for in bath hair rinsing.

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