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Small bathroom - desperately seeking advice

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BrillianaHarvey Mon 03-Oct-16 18:15:40

We have a smallish ensuite (about 2.2 m by 2.2m) which we are about to refurbish. At the moment it has bath, loo, basin, bidet. One wall is pretty much taken up by a tall sash window so we can't put anything on it. Shower over bath which doesn't work and can't be made to work without destroying tiles. Hence refurb.
We don't mind losing the bidet but even if we do there isn't room for a separate shower cubicle and DH doesn't really like over-bath showers. (I use a different bathroom.)
We expect this will be the bathroom that's in place when we eventually sell the house.
So: stick with bath with shower over?
Shower cubicle and no bath?
Shower cubicle and corner bath? This would fit in the space, but neither of us really likes them and I think it could put people off.
Or shower cubicle and Japanese soaking tub thing? I like the Tubby Tub but DH says it looks like an invalid bath from a 1950s care home. If the room has a good shower then the bath won't be used that much, but I don't like the idea of losing the bath altogether.
What do other people think? Does anyone have any experience of soaking tubs or similar? Which alternative would be least off-putting to prospective buyers? Going round in circles on this now so advice very much appreciated.

Flanderspigeonmurderer Mon 03-Oct-16 18:22:33

If it's an ensuite I would just put a shower in. I'm assuming there is a bath in the main bathroom.

NetballHoop Mon 03-Oct-16 18:28:10

I'd put in a proper shower and no bath. For me at least that would be a big plus if I was looking to buy.

mrssmooth Mon 03-Oct-16 18:35:02

From a buyers perspective, I'd prefer a separate shower cubicle - the larger the better and ditch the bath. As long as the family bathroom has a bath, that is. Our main bathroom is upstairs and has an over-bath shower (the rainfall type one with a separate detachable showerhead too). It's very nice. But in an ideal world I'd love a large walk-in shower. (I'm hoping we will ditch the bath in our downstairs bathroom dumping ground and have a nice big cubicle). How long do you plan on staying in the house? If it's going to be for a few years, then I would say do what your "heart" is telling you - you have to live with it! TBH, never really see the point of a bath in an en-suite but then I have always preferred to shower!)

BrillianaHarvey Mon 03-Oct-16 18:49:36

Thank you, that's really helpful. There are two other bathrooms, both with baths. I'm very much a bath person - showers for getting clean, baths for disappearing into for hours with aromatherapy oils, face mask, good book and a glass of wine - so I'm very hmm at a bathroom without a bath. But of course I'm not going to be using it.
DH is quite into the idea of a soaking tub. So probably worth the expense and hassle if he's going to enjoy playing with his rubber ducks or whatever. Any words of wisdom (especially if they are 'don't go there in a million years') much appreciated.

ohgoodlordthatsmoist Mon 03-Oct-16 18:57:25

If you have a bath elsewhere I would go with as large a shower unit as you can fit in and a floating sink with some storage and a mirror storage unit with an electric socket ( toothbrush / shaver charger ) and loo

We've just done this to our tiny ensuite, it feels like a hotel one at the minute smile

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