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Slow draining bath

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marilynmonroe Mon 03-Oct-16 13:19:37

We have a slow draining bath which is getting worse and worse. I've tried all the deblockers and we used a drain snake yesterday to get right down and see if there was a blockage but there wasn't. Who do we need to call now? a plumber or someone like dynorod (drain deblocker people?)



PigletJohn Mon 03-Oct-16 13:28:23

take off the bath panel and show us a pic of the trap and the waste pipe.

the more of the waste pipe route you can show, the better. Especially where it joins onto the soil pipe or goes into a gully.

Do all other wastes run OK? Does the WC flush OK?

Was this bathroom plumbed when the house was built, or has it been added/altered?

marilynmonroe Mon 03-Oct-16 15:25:06

I can't take the panel off at the moment but to answer all your other questions yes the wastes runs fine and toilet flushes ok too. We had a new bathroom installed about 1.5 years ago. It's always been a bit slow draining but it's got worse.

sorry it's probably not very useful.

CaurnieBred Mon 03-Oct-16 22:41:59

this Buster specially designed for bathrooms just did the business for us

wowfudge Tue 04-Oct-16 06:37:42

We had some problems with our bath draining and found the end of the downpipe just above the drain outside was clogged with leaves. We've also had an issue with a slow draining sink. The waste pipe into the hopper outside had insufficient fall in it and just turning it round fixed that. If it's always been slow draining it sounds as though the pipe has insufficient fall in it, i.e. it's more level than angled downwards.

TeddyBee Tue 04-Oct-16 10:15:41

Caustic soda. But be careful. I tried everything with ours, snaked it, used plungers, used compressed air plungers, NOTHING worked. Until I stuffed a load of caustic soda crystals down the plughole (wearing goggles, thick rubber gloves and using a long wooden spoon) and then poured several kettles of boiling water down it. Was wildly exciting (and you need to open all the windows) and did the trick. Has needed redoing once since, so we obviously don't have enough of a fall on our waste pipes, which isn't surprising as our builder was a shitesticktwattyface. Caustic soda is super dangerous though so be careful. I did splash a tiny bit on my hand and it hurt like a total bastard for the whole of the next day, which I mostly spent with it in bowls of iced water.

marilynmonroe Wed 05-Oct-16 13:51:36

Thank you all! I think I want to get someone in to have a look. I have a feeling that it might be that the down pipe doesn't have enough of a fall. Is this a normal plumbers job or do I get a drains company out like dynorod?

PigletJohn Wed 05-Oct-16 14:38:59


salsamad Wed 05-Oct-16 15:04:00

It's possible your pipes are blocked with hair and other matter. Does the plug hole smell unpleasant - might be hard to tell if youve been putting unblockers or bleach down.
It doesn't take long for stuff to accumulate in the pipes that drain from the bath/shower, especially if you and others in the family have longish hair.
Using stuff like basic unblockers won't help as they wont dissolve the hair.

My DH is a plumbing & heating engineer and he makes us use a plug hole sieve as this is a very common problem. The sieve fits inside your plug hole and so when you shower/wash your hair they catch the hair that you loose everytime you wash/condition hair. If youre bathing the as soon as you remove the plug you insert the sieve.

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