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Have to share ... amazing property I found on Rightmove

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bibbitybobbityyhat Sat 01-Oct-16 16:14:54


I absolutely love it!

dalmatianmad Sat 01-Oct-16 16:17:19

I assume you're being sarcastic!! It's bloody hideous grin

FauxFox Sat 01-Oct-16 16:18:58

I think it's fabulous! Probably a bit headache-inducing after a while but fabulous none-the-less grin

friendshipstruggle Sat 01-Oct-16 16:20:02

It's certainly interesting

BellaGoth Sat 01-Oct-16 16:20:35

The garden's lovely!

Feebot2001 Sat 01-Oct-16 16:21:03

The decor is certainly unique.
Love the period fireplace

eurochick Sat 01-Oct-16 16:21:48

It's hideous!

And of no relevance to anyone, my friend just moved from that road. Her house did not look like that!

ShowOfHands Sat 01-Oct-16 16:24:00

I love it when people put some of themselves into their home. We can't all have stripped floorboards and a feature ruddy wall.

bibbitybobbityyhat Sat 01-Oct-16 16:25:40

No, I'm not being sarcastic!

It is enormous and has fantastic features. The staircase! The windows! And it makes a change from the identikit interiors in 9/10 houses on the house selling sites.

I love the black and white bathroom with the loo in a special alcove grin

GingerIvy Sat 01-Oct-16 16:27:53

I like it. I'd live there.

donajimena Sat 01-Oct-16 16:30:35

I love it. The bathroom might give me a headache but its great.

idontlikealdi Sat 01-Oct-16 16:34:27

Decor isn't my taste. It that's a lot of maisonettes for that money, it could be beautiful.

BitOutOfPractice Sat 01-Oct-16 16:35:52

It seems like a lot of property for the money in London doesn't it? The rooms are huge!!

PonderingLikeAPond Sat 01-Oct-16 16:37:07

Oh god my eyes

Floggingmolly Sat 01-Oct-16 16:39:51

I quite like it, actually... It's suspiciously cheap, though, because it looks absolutely enormous.

PuraVida Sat 01-Oct-16 16:42:07

The layouts really odd. Why are the bedrooms on the same floor as the kitchen but the living and dining rooms on a different floor?

gallicgirl Sat 01-Oct-16 16:42:43

It's certainly busy but it suits the period of the property.

Felyne Sat 01-Oct-16 16:43:18

It's odd having the kitchen on the same floor as bedrooms and everyhting else on the other floor. I think I'd swap around so that the master bedroom becomes the living room, bedroom two a dining room and maybe bedroom 4 as an office.

TutanKaDashian Sat 01-Oct-16 16:43:47

Shame about the disgusting interior as the house itself is gorgeous and the gardens are amazing.

BellMcEnd Sat 01-Oct-16 16:46:44

It's near me, OP. Want me to go have a look? grin

eddielizzard Sat 01-Oct-16 16:50:31

ow owowowow my eyes

first thing i'd do is paint it all white and then breathe again.

ClaudiaApfelstrudel Sat 01-Oct-16 16:50:43

woah..imagine with a hangover

P1nkP0ppy Sat 01-Oct-16 16:50:43

It would be perfect if you were colour blind.
Looks like Llewelyn-Bowen had a brainstorm!

Beautiful house but I couldn't live with it <migraine warning>

RavioliOnToast Sat 01-Oct-16 16:52:30

I love the gardens and both bathrooms!!

LunaLoveg00d Sat 01-Oct-16 16:53:23

900k for a 4 bed. Wow. I'm more shocked by the London prices than by the decor.

You'd get a similar sized house for less than half of that in a great area with amazing schools up here. (Glasgow)

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