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Gas fires - info & links to suppliers

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langlandgirl Fri 30-Sep-16 07:42:32

Hi All

I have a gas fire which i don't like (though starting to think i should try and like it!) It is coal effect glass fronted but it's all fancy (will try and post a pic) and not in keeping with our 1930's house we recently bought. We have an old (about 15yrs) gas stove from another room that has been converted to a cloakroom/showerroom.

Cannot work out if best to do the work & expense (new liner and work to chimney) to re-locate the 15yr old one (that may break as soon as we move it), keep the glass fronted one or go to the major expense of a brand new fire.

Lots of people saying about draughts etc which we had with a non glass front fire in the past which we wouldn't get with the stove.

Dh says woodburner would be a faff and that i'd regret it (very busy family)

Thought and experiences please!

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