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Chard in Somerset Yeah nay or what

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Pasithea Wed 28-Sep-16 15:37:46

As heading says guys. We are a quiet sc family Love country walks love the sea love farm shops Sunday pub roasts log fires etc. Is it for us. Looking for our final foreva Home

Please give me the good bad nice ugly bits to
miss etc

Redhound Thu 29-Sep-16 23:04:52

The countryside around Chard is amazing, its a beautiful area not far from the coast. Lots of lovely walks and excellent pubs. Forde Abbey is nearby. Chard itself however has a bit of a reputation. Its the roughest town in the area. Having said that, its not that bad when compared to various towns 'up country' In all honesty the town and the population reminded me of Bletchley- very chavvy but not that bad really. High immigrant population with associated problems of a non-settled transient community. I'm told it once had the highest crime rate in the UK for the size of town.. If you can, I would buy either in another town in the area eg Axminster or Crewkerne or one of the villages that might be a better bet. You get a lot for your £ round there. But actually Chard isn't that bad at all these days and is good value. Sorry dont know specific areas to avoid though I think Tatsworth South Chard is quite good?

tofusoju Fri 30-Sep-16 09:26:40

That crime statistic about Chard is over 35 years old! If Chard seems chavvie it's because wages aren't high (food processing).

I would look at the villages around Chard. There's Dowlish Wake (great if you like cider), Winsham near Forde Abbey, or Wadebridge. For those with deeper pockets there's Hinton St George.

tofusoju Fri 30-Sep-16 11:25:09

Sorry Wadeford & Combe St. Nicholas not Wadebridge - that's in Cornwall!

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