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Plumbing issue in top-floor flat - help! Do we need scaffolding?

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washingsomuchwashing Wed 28-Sep-16 12:23:59

Hi all,

We've just moved into a flat on the top floor of a period building. We seem to have a problem with our plumbing in that the shower and kitchen sink drains really slowly - sometimes we have water and coffee grounds being regurgitated into the shower basin. The plumber has said that we need scaffolding to access the waste pipe, but surely people don't spend thousands on scaffolding to fix plumbing issues like this? Please help! We're first-time homeowners so a bit clueless...

Pradaqueen Wed 28-Sep-16 19:55:40

I think get a Second opinion if you think he doesn't sound right? If he needs access to the outside he will need to be safe and comply with the working at height regulations. However, I can't believe he hasn't checked the internal pipes first? Or has he?

As a ftb I would consider getting a British Gas maintenance and service contract for your new home. I have oil at my house but BG still look after my electrics and plumbing plus my kitchen appliances. It is around £23pcm and for that I can ring them for literally anything : light switch not working, curcuit breaker; tumble dryer not working or drain issues (they call dyno rod on your behalf) etc. If you have a gas boiler for a little more your annual service is included. If I were you, I'd sign up to a contract, wait the required month or whatever before you can call them out and then call them out. It may save you £'000's of £'s plus you always have them on tap. In an old house, this won't be your first problem grin enjoy your new home. Old houses are fab.

OnlyHereForTheCamping Wed 28-Sep-16 20:03:36

Just pour some of that drain stuff down, leave over night, bobs your uncle

Leopard12 Wed 28-Sep-16 20:13:23

This is the best drain blocker ever,ss:9&tbm=shop&srpd=4696735746224281289&prds=epd:3896051377107932956,paur:ClkAsKraXygaMjz4GvOLnP8O_U2tZabaDIldKiMKE6ss5L15kQ4EtPUyK_6wBW92umVbjrICMggU-c9n9KC9VvjYexJkJ693N3F-XhqS-Ku8h_tNJD_fqMZmsxIZAFPVH71VfqeVZlo6QdWaPA_K3eTWM0xbiA,cdl:1,cid:16527752765497337812&ved=0ahUKEwiD7crh4bLPAhXH1hoKHeguB8wQgTYI7AMwAw sold in loads of places, if it is a more serious issue and scaffolding I'd needed you might need permission from the other freeholders of the building (my landlord did when the pipe for boiler needed rerouting) at least get another plumbers the bg thing a pp said sounds good!

Leopard12 Wed 28-Sep-16 20:15:40

Link didn't seem to work properly it's the buster drain cleaner they do a different kitchen and bathroom one which both work amazing and just dissolves any blockages! But if your plumbers right, then it's obviously not going to sort your issues!

washingsomuchwashing Wed 28-Sep-16 21:17:43

Thanks! Second opinion it is!

washingsomuchwashing Wed 28-Sep-16 21:18:14

(After trying mega drain cleaner first!)

lalalonglegs Wed 28-Sep-16 21:35:11

Whereabouts in the flat are the waste pipe exit points? If you do need to have it checked, we found it was a fraction of the price to use a cherry-picker rather than scaffolding if you are able to park a lorry within a few metres of where you need to be.

washingsomuchwashing Wed 28-Sep-16 21:53:28

The waste pipe runs down the side of the building. Great thinking re the cherry picker but you can't park close to the building. Does it sound like a blocked drain?

washingsomuchwashing Wed 28-Sep-16 21:54:11

Thanks, as ever, for all the assistance!

Jayfee Wed 28-Sep-16 21:57:29

My husband is a builder. Don't be offended, but he said first thing is to use a plunger. Apparently with the sink, you block the overflow with a cloth while you do it to create a vacuum. The shower doesn't have an overflow. He says if the toilet is flushing it is unlikely to be a blockage. Obviously there is very little to go on in terms of the details of your plumbing etc.Also as you are likely to be a leaseholder or shared freeholder, you probably wouldn't have to pay all the costs if scaffolding was needed. He also said you might check with your neighbours in the house whether they are having any problems. Of course you might have had a good plumber in which case his advice would be redundant. Good luck.

washingsomuchwashing Thu 29-Sep-16 09:35:17

Not offended at all! Will try a plunger!

Jayfee Thu 29-Sep-16 22:46:35

My husband asked how you were progressing with your plumbing problem (not looking for work as he does conversions not private work)??

lalamumto3 Fri 30-Sep-16 08:15:13

Hi are you pouring coffee grains down the sink as this is the thing that always blocks ours. I now tip in bin and wipe out with kitchen paper.

Also lots of hot water and fairy liquid down sink after washing up etc, it stops the fat solidifying in the sink.

washingsomuchwashing Fri 30-Sep-16 17:17:38

Thanks so much for all the advice and help! Plunger hasn't worked brilliantly, going to progress to the chemicals next!

washingsomuchwashing Fri 30-Sep-16 17:18:31

Think it might have been previous people re the coffee! Not been here very long.

Cherylene Fri 30-Sep-16 17:24:11

Friend of mine had a huge problems with coffee grounds and has warned me against putting them down the sink.

Hope the chemical stuff works - works a treat in our bathroom.

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