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Chimney Lining

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MightyMeerkat Mon 26-Sep-16 11:26:13

Bits of black mortar (?) have started to fall down the chimney. A quick google suggests that the lining is failing eek. There is a gas fire there at the moment although it doesn't work - it's on the list to get it fixed. Which trade should I contact about this? Builder? Chimney sweep? I have no idea how it can be fixed. Thanks.

NetballHoop Mon 26-Sep-16 13:43:30

When we last had ours swept, the sweep said that there were some bits of lining that were loose, but that it was still fine to use so yours might still be OK.

Get a sweep to clean it and test it. If it does need to be fixed, you'd be looking at having a flue liner put in which I'd guess would come to at least £1000, but possibly a lot more depending on where you are and how easy it is to gain access.

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