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Electrics a mess, report when I bought said perfect...!

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Babypythagorus Sun 25-Sep-16 20:38:04


We bought last November. There was a report from an electrician in the papers the lawyers sent each other saying all the electrics were great, no issues highlighted.

We've just had a new kitchen in, and the electrician who came to do the end of works report wrote a NAPIT dangerous situation report.

I'm furious at the seller/first electrician! Is there any way to get either of them to sort it?!

johnd2 Sun 25-Sep-16 20:46:50

Not really enough detail, but the short answer is I doubt it. You might be able to argue a refund on the report if the fault was clearly preexisting.
What actually is the fault? If it's a missing supplier earth then the electricity company will fix for free anyway, if it's reversed polarity it's an easy fix although who knows what else is wrong on that case.

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