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Newbie9876 Sun 25-Sep-16 14:25:53

Looking for some advice please, we are first time buyers, just married, renting in central London. Now looking to start a family home and have seen a couple of places we like in Riverhead, Sevenoaks. Is it a friendly area? Any downsides? It's clear the schools are great but just wanted to get any thoughts on the area from any locals, or if there are any other areas we should be thinking about in Sevenoakes. Appreciate any guidance as we are your typical nervous buyers and just want to hear from those in the know.

Flowerpower1403 Sun 25-Sep-16 14:37:10

I have one for sale

7OaksDad Sun 25-Sep-16 19:39:17

You're following a well worn path, it's a great area and friendly. Sevenoaks itself is lovely, London as easy to reach as from many London suburbs, Knole Park is brilliant, lots of beautiful countryside and attractions to get out and about in, motorway convenient and the coast not too far off. For Riverhead, other than prices downsides are very small school catchment areas (check carefully) and Kent County Council seem to be intent on favouring motor cars over residents quality of life so expect road noise on the main roads through it.

Other places to consider are anywhere in Sevenoaks (though might be a bit pricier closer to the centre), Chipstead (2 great pubs and a lovely lake close to Riverhead anyway) and Otford.

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