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Under cabinet lighting without pelmet?

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MrsMogginsMinge Fri 23-Sep-16 12:46:15

Just that really.

Have more or less decided on white Luca Matt kitchen from DIYK - but have also more or less decided that I don't want the cornice and pelmet on the wall units. Going for that German handless look on a budget, you see.

But there will be a run of wall units above base units along an interior wall which will really need some sort of lighting under. Not keen on the hockey pucks or the pointy pyramids. Also don't like the dotty effect of bare LED tape, plus it's a bit untidy looking if you can see it.

Has anybody found a non fugly diffused LED type thing they can recommend to me? Or any other solution that doesn't involve pelmets?

Backingvocals Fri 23-Sep-16 12:49:25

No. I have the exact same problem. Ceiling is too low for cupboards plus pelmets. I have the LEDS that look like rulers. They are ok but the cabling is messy. Could the cabling be run inside the cupboards at all? Battery powered fittings?

MrsMogginsMinge Fri 23-Sep-16 13:06:43

This looks quite good in the photo but I wonder how it looks in real life...

MrsMogginsMinge Fri 23-Sep-16 13:07:52

Cunningly they don't picture the wires - which is what I'm worried about too Backingvocals!

clerquin Fri 23-Sep-16 13:46:16

I made the electrician change the halogen lights for LED strip lighting for under cabinet lighting which did cost extra for the change of spec plus the additional labour. Have I ever used it? Only to demo how pretty it is..... Save yourself the stress/money!

MrsMogginsMinge Fri 23-Sep-16 13:56:39

Ah, I used our under cabinet lighting all the time in our old house. Current house doesn't have it and I hate chopping veg in my own shadow. And we're moving the kitchen away from the window too... Basically I'm hoping this kind of anality attention to detail will make up for the cheapness of the actual kitchen.

MrsMogginsMinge Sat 24-Sep-16 14:35:13

Actually, what about these? Not too hideous?

namechangealerttt Sat 24-Sep-16 23:35:08

OK, so I know EXACTLY what you want, cos I went matt white Luca handless with no pelmets myself.

We bought this:

We got the builder to router it under the overhead cabinets, there is an electrical transfer box (not big) inside at the back of one cupboard, wiring chased in the wall and a standard switch on the wall under the cupboard. Talked through all the bits I needed to order over the phone. LEDs still a bit spotty by nature so def order the pearl cover rather than clear.

House has just gone on the market, name changed as I am totally outing myself, I am sure I have a few mumsnetter neighbours:

check pic 9 for the best shot of it.

MrsMogginsMinge Sun 25-Sep-16 00:13:59

COR namechange - lovely house. Good luck with the sale. And just the sort of solution I was looking for - thanks. Your Luca kitchen looks fab. Are you pleased with it? Which worktop did you go for, if you don't mind me asking?

namechangealerttt Sun 25-Sep-16 00:57:12

Yes really pleased with it. I love it as much for the layout and good planning as the actual units. It is just so easy to live and function in. We went for a quartz worktop, it is like Compac Luna, our fitter said he could get something exactly like Compac Luna but cheaper, so I am not sure what it is. Basically white/off white from a distance but a slight forgiving fleck close up.

PigletJohn Sun 25-Sep-16 01:02:24

Provided your eye level is above the bottom of the cabs, I'd put the lighting strip at the back, preferably on the wall, under the cabs.

I did see a budget version of the LED lighting strip in Aldi the other day. The LEDs are not replaceable so the strip should be treated as disposable, in which case a plug and socket might be more appropriate than fixed wiring. The running cost of LEDs is so low you might as well just leave them on most of the time.

A friend uses LED ribbon on his boat behind a sort of pelmet moulding, as they run off the boat battery. You can cut it to length and fix it with drawing pins.

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