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hideous brick fire surround

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AndWhat Thu 22-Sep-16 21:16:12

In our living room we have a hideous old fashioned brick surround around the fire (which has been disconnected from the gas) this brick also goes into the bottom 3rd of the alcove on the left hand side which has a large wooden top to it.

I'd like to have it removed and not sure whether I would be able to do this as a diy job or if I need to get a builder in.

As I say the gas fire insitu has been disconnected already just not removed as it had been cemented in place (hence the disconnection as this is now classed as unsafe).
Once its all removed I will get a plasterer in to smooth all the suface's I'm just wondering if I can sae some money removing it myself.

JT05 Fri 23-Sep-16 07:47:01

I don't see why not, as long as you are 100% certain about the gas supply being disconnected. You will need some tools such as a crowbar, hammer etc. and safety equipment ie. Goggles and gloves. I have taken out tiled 30s -50s fire surrounds before. Once loosened they are usually only attached in a couple of places"
But yours sounds different, I'd go quite slowly, removing the top and then each course of bricks until I could see how it is attached to the wall.

TheInimitableMrsFanshawe Fri 23-Sep-16 08:13:36

Yes, we did it. Just be careful not to whack the capped off gas pipes etc by mistake.

ElsieMc Fri 23-Sep-16 11:19:56

Yes, we have done it twice - diy by dh. But we did not have mains gas so no particular fears there. Horrific mess though as dh went at it with a sledge hammer and I came home from work, opened the living room door, shut it again and cried.

Another time I heard his voice from under the floor boards asking me to help him out fgs. Think bare room, windows with a large pile of rubble in the middle. Worth it though. No matter what you do with those fire places and some people paint them in the vain hope it will improve the look, you will always hate it.

AndWhat Fri 23-Sep-16 22:53:28

Thank you, it truly is hideous! I believe some of these are brick facade with a pile of concrete behind it shock I'll go careful and hope it's not too messy/expensive!!!

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