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Would a surveyor be able to help with this problem?

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helpimitchy Thu 22-Sep-16 15:09:28

We live on a new build estate. The house itself is fine, but we're having a problem with noise from a neighbour (not the next door neighbour though).

The neighbour in question plays loud bumping type music from around 07:00hrs until around mid afternoon every day. Sometimes it stops for a few weeks, but then starts up again. We can't hear the music, just the bumping. It's low and a bit muffled, but it's persistent sad

The houses are at a right angle to our row of houses. We know it's not our next door neighbour because they're as sick as we are. We're semidetached and the noise definitely is only coming from one direction.

It's loudest and most clear in our downstairs loo. If you put your ear on our stairs, it's clear there as well. You can hear it in the corner of our bedroom too. You can't hear it in our kitchen.

Dh thinks it's travelling via the ground.

We're getting fed up with it as we're quiet people and don't routinely have either tv or radio on in our house during the day. I'm a nightshift worker and it's irritating when I'm trying to get to sleep. Dh is retired and around the house a lot during the day.

The woman next door suffers from depression and I never see her now, so she might have moved out. Her husband is still living there. I don't know if it's driven her out of her house. She did seem pretty fed up about the noise when we spoke to her. It must be louder in their house as they're closer to the apparent source.

Would a surveyor be able to tell us where it's coming from, how it's travelling and if there's anything we could do to stop it?

wowfudge Thu 22-Sep-16 16:09:41

Keep a diary of the noise and contact Environmental Health at the local council. They probably have a noise team. Are you sure the thumping is from music rather than something like pile driving for example?

helpimitchy Thu 22-Sep-16 18:15:53

It's definitely music. Will the environmental people be interested though because it's not late at night or anything?

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